Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade is a wonderful piece of clothing that besides being beautiful and an elegant adornment, Bavarian Checks Scarf is also very useful on cold days or even on days when the wind is more agitated and you can protect your neck.

Some people also use it when they go mountain climbing, or just walking around the beach on cold days, also on days when snow is starting to fall. Well then let’s see how to make this piece of clothing and its origin!

Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade
Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade

Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade for a wonderful 2020

Impossible not to love the crochet Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade!¬†Everyone has at least one in their closet and usually remembers it in those colder days. But did you know that it’s a super fashion accessory that can make you much more stylish? In addition to warming the body, it gives an extra charm to the look. Come with us to know everything!

The name “Scarf” is of French origin and joins two words that explain the use of the accessory: “cacher” (hide or hide) and “collar” (collar or neck). That is, “hide the neck”.

According to some research, Ancient Rome was the cradle of the scarf. Originally worn by men around their necks or tied to their waists, on the hottest days, Roman soldiers, I.C., in order to refresh themselves, wore a wet cloth called “focale”, tied to their necks.

Soon the women started to use the handkerchiefs, which were made of cloth or silk, and since then the accessory was fashionable among the women.

Some historians say that during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Cheng, fabric scarves were used to identify the agents or the post of Chinese warriors.

Around the seventeenth century in Croatia, scarves were also used by soldiers of all ranks. The only difference was that the officers wore silk scarves, while the other patents had to wear cotton. The men’s scarves were also called “ties” (from the Croatian term kravata).

Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade
Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade

Since then the scarf has become a fashion accessory worn by both men and women around the world, combining perfectly with formal or casual looks.

The scarf is a very charming and super-ancient fashion accessory, which began to be worn in the days of ancient Rome.

It really became a fashion accessory in the early nineteenth century for both men and women. The word has French origin: “cacher” means to hide or hide and “col” means neck or neck.

Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade for a wonderful 2020

Now that you know the history of scarf it’s time to know some models and soon after you can download for free a pattern in PDF to make your wonderful scarf.

This model below had the Designed by Julie Gaddy that was wonderfully inspired by making this instructive chart for us.

Download the free PDF remembering that this one was all created by JULIA GADDY.

Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade
Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade created by JULIA GADDY – Credits by PDF FREE

My husband is a fan of Julia’s work and he comments that her work is very well done. I really agree, she works very well.


Below another interesting model for you to make a beautiful Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade.

Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade
Bavarian Checks Scarf in Cascade

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It doesn’t matter what point we use to make our crochet, or what pattern is used, but how we do it. Do you know how you should make these two scarves? Simple, with love and affection.

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