The Crochet City Break Blouse FREE PDF is a beautiful job that can be worn in the city on days when the summer is hotter or even in more regular climates over a top for example. The crochet City Break Blouse is really very beautiful.

To do yours just follow the steps of our article and of course download the free PDF. But first it is important to know that this material and development of the blouse is of our dear Katerine. Take the opportunity to make a beautiful crochet blouse.

City Break Blouse FREE PDF wonderful for 2020 by Katerine
City Break Blouse FREE PDF wonderful for 2020 by Katerine

City Break Blouse FREE PDF by Katerine

Making a crocheted blouse is not always an easy task, sometimes we have the idea in our heads, but it escapes us What kind of point we will make or how we will start. But this City Break Blouse FREE PDF by Katerine will help you to start making a blouse and finish it too. And, the important detail is that you will use a very simple pattern for a super sleek blouse.

Choose the type of line Favorite, the colors are also at your discretion use the one that you like yesterday your preference And do not forget to make the blouse taking your measurements according to the measurements of the person you want to give.

About the design

This City Break Blouse is simply gorgeous! You can wear it with everything and it’s really
comfortable. You will fall in love for sure. This is a cropped version, but if you like it to be longer you can easily adjust the length by adding a few more rounds.

City Break Blouse FREE PDF wonderful for 2020 by Katerine
City Break Blouse FREE PDF wonderful for 2020 by Katerine

I used different colors for the sleeves and body. The blouse is worked top-down using the raglan technique.
We will work the top part, the yoke, then separate the sleeves from the body and then work the 3 parts individually.

After finishing the yoke we will create the folds on the body part by changing the stitch pattern and increasing the number of stitches.

About the stitch and working technique

For the City Break Blouse we are using 2 different stitch patterns: one for the yoke and one for the body and sleeves. The yoke is worked with blocks of 3 double crochet separated by 2 chain stitches, also known as the granny stitch.

Some considerations to remember when making your blouse

In the PDF we will have details of how to make this blouse in the graphics that are simple to make, including the measurements that can be used according to the size of the model.

The detail is to change the size according to your needs, example: Size for small, medium or large women, or for thin, medium or fat women.

City Break Blouse FREE PDF wonderful for 2020 by Katerine
City Break Blouse model by Katerine

The pattern City Break Blouse FREE PDF

The pattern for the yoke is similar in all sizes. The only difference is the number of blocks
between increases for each size.

To be more specific, in size S we have 3 blocks between increases, in size M we will have 4,
and in size L we will have 5. You will find all the details about it later on in the pattern.
For the body and sleeves we will use V stitches: 1 double crochet, chain 1, 1 double crochet in the same stitch, separated with 1 chain st.

About City Break Blouse FREE PDF wonderful for 2020

When you download the City Break Blouse FREE PDF crochet you will better understand the step by step and do your job properly. We will not go into too much detail because there is no reason for it, the standard was very well prepared by Katerine and in the PDF you will have access to several instructions with all the credit for Katarine and the Catalina Ungureano design of

We wish you success in making this wonderful standard, which has so surprisingly won over women in many parts of the world, including BRAZIL and USA. Now get you FREE PDF BELLOW.




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