Crocheted blouse models never goes out of style. Every day you find new models of crochet blouses and the possibilities are diverse, especially in styles of blouses.

In this article you will see more than 100 models ofcrocheted blouses for you to get inspired. You will also see interesting videos that we have separated especially for you who like to crochet and would like to follow the step by step.

Crocheted blouse models
Crocheted blouse models

Crocheted blouse models – Beautiful models for 2020

Ciganinha, blouses of long sleeves, blouses of crochet in staple, hopefully that fall and much more you will find in this post. Check it out and enjoy Crocheted blouse models.

Models Long-sleeved crochet blouses

Now a free graphic of a long-sleeved shirt for you to download and make according to your size and taste.

Remember the colors are important to make a fantastic blouse for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, after all the crochet blouses are perfect for any occasion.

Crocheted blouse models
Crocheted blouse models

Now let’s highlight this video that teaches step by step how to make this beautiful long-sleeved blouse worn and loved by actress Selena Gomez. See the vídeo:

Class 01 by Claudineia Antunes – From Brazil 

Class 02 by Claudineia Antunes – From Brazil 

Class 03 by Claudineia Antunes – From Brazil 

Class 04 by Claudineia Antunes – From Brazil 

Class 05 by Claudineia Antunes – From Brazil

Class 06 by Claudineia Antunes – From Brazil 

If you liked Claudineia Antunes‘ very explanatory tutorial you can subscribe to her Youtube Channel and learn much more!

Short-sleeved blouse models.

Short-sleeved blouses are for many occasions, but don’t be wrong not only in summer they can be worn but also in winter over another hotter blouse.

There are some women who crochet short-sleeved blouses as if they were a type of vest, or over a blouse, this type of model is worn a lot in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and countries with tropical climate.

Short-sleeved blouse models
Short-sleeved blouse models

See now in the gallery the beautiful short-sleeved blouses with varied models for you to be inspired and choose yours!


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