Square Crochet Pillows are also known as beloved pieces of our grandparents and consist of many crochet arts. In general, these square crochet cushions are in fact precious works. The crochet cushions have a design in the centre that helps give all their grace and style.

At first it may seem a bit complex to get the results found on the internet, but with dedication you will be able to create beautiful and wonderful pieces that can leave not only your home, but any formidable work. We will then learn some points with videos, graphics and clear simple tutorials that can help you.

Square Crochet Pillows Wonderful decoration 2019
Square Crochet Pillows Wonderful decoration 2019

Square Crochet Pillows Wonderful decoration 2019

Choosing the pillows needed to decorate your home is indeed difficult, especially when we have several ways to create a crochet stitch to make our pillows. There’s a question for all of us to ask: what’s the best crochet stitch for making a cushion?

Well, me and my husband when we’re doing any crochet or knitting, we think a lot about the stitch we’re going to wear. Seeing a certain job and already starting to make it as a point that we’re used to working on doesn’t mean it’s going to work. So thinking about following the point according to the chart really makes the difference.

We’re going to present here only the dot on the chart for this square crochet pad, because it’s easier for most of our readers, but of course you can use the dot you think is best.
Some people like to use the fish thorn point, for example, but knowing that it’s hard to do, but it’s impossible. Then crochet the square cushion to your liking. So let’s work and learn how to make this wonderful crochet pillow.

Square Crochet Pillows Wonderful decoration 2019
Square Crochet Pillows Wonderful decoration 2019

Square cushion in simple crochet, by the brazilian Luiza de Lugh.

In this video we will make a beautiful and easy pillow, it is built with two spliced squares, the two made with the repetition of only five chains and a low point, the closure of the pillow is made with a string of chains and therefore you do not need to nail buttons, this one from the video is for a pillow of 46 cm x 46 cm, but it is very easy to increase and decrease this piece, so if your pillow is square but with the different size of mine is possible to make this cover. Look the video tutorial:

Based on this video of a simple crochet point to make square cushion, we can use to make in several colors when using the same point. This is interesting, because surely our creativity is great when it comes to the use of colors.

Tips for making your square crocheted pillow.

Below now you will see several graphics that can help us make these cushions in various models.

My husband always says something interesting that really catches my attention, we can’t just do something the same way all the time, we can change, enlarge, change and even improve. The colors can also be manipulated from a single tone to several tones. Always be creative.

Check out the graphics

Check out the graphics and see what you want to do for your home, your living room, your bedroom or even for your office or car!

Another video tutorial

We hope you enjoyed this different article, but nice to see several graphics of square cushions in crochet and the best with inspiring models for us.

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