Who we are

Who we are? Mycrochet is not only a site, but a blog, a love letter, a release, a showcase of work not only ours, but also of other people we see and think it’s worth putting on the internet. But what is the intention of this?

Mycrochet.org is a digital corner that my husband and I intend to promote exceptional crochet works to both beginners and older crochet artists.

Who we are: Mycrochet.org

Crochet is a wonderful art that all of us, especially we women, love with passion, because to see the work done after a certain time doing it is a dream come true.

But this site has work of several people? Yes it is true, but each work is given the credits and links to the site and when the same ones that have PDF to download, we leave the direct link. We somehow upload to our servers materials or work that is not ours.

Our intention is to promote the work, the art of crochet making which is the best thing in the world and if for some reason you did not like to see your work here, it is simple to contact our contact form or page Who we are.

Who we are Mycrochet
Who we are Mycrochet

We will certainly contact you as soon as possible to help you with your question. But you can also do more!

You’ve already done some work and it’s so wonderful that you want to strongly share it with your friends, this is also the right place. But how to do it?

You access our contact form and fill in the required fields, then clearly explain what you want and we will get back to you.


Mycrohet.org is free, for you to expose your ideas, but is not free to copy, and if you do at least put the credits followed by links dofolow.

Are you Brazilian and want to use it to make your blog? So understand two things, first Google by itself only punishes blogs style copied pasted. Second even if you translate, put the credits of our sites, because surely you will have news about crochet and all the accessories referring to our dear crochet. Just see Who we are page.

Our site has only 4 editors and we all like what we do, we like crochet. Here you can feel at home, feel as part of the family and we want our work to be part of your family.


If you are also a blog or website editor and copy our articles we ask you to place credits from our website and also from the origin of the article, in the case of third parties. DO NOT COPY ANY CONTENT LIKE YOURS. Here we have works by us, other people and sponsors. So make use and give due credit to the origin of our site.

We are protected by international or national law of our country of origin. You are always welcome to share our articles (links) and your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others of your choice.

Get to know our site

Our site contains contact page, privacy policy, Home, Right of use and the one you are reading now who we are.

Feel free to read our articles, our pages, promote your product or your work. To advertise your work you can contact us on our contact page, rest assured, nothing of yours will be exposed. Nobody will know that it is you.

We hope that you feel happy, that you do excellent work. If you can help us by sharing our site on their social networks, or an article that has called your attention, share with your friends, friends, family, leave your comment and enjoy the best crochet we can do.