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Angel Crochet Free Pattern How about a wonderful angel for a very special occasion for you? Whether it’s for Christmas or Mass, or as a souvenir, it doesn’t matter, this angel is wonderful as well as others you have on the internet. So from now on you can download him now!

Angel Crochet Free Pattern

Angel Crochet Free Pattern 1

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This pattern eventually is not ours, and we can’t tell who did it. We know there’s a pattern with Designed by Jo Ann Maxwell I believe this model, but I don’t know exactly the same.

Another detail is that this pattern was sent to us by a person named Marckella Anttoni Vasckovisk, it seems to be a Russian who sent us through CD this way. The pattern in the PDF CONTAINS A PASSWORD that we couldn’t open for more details, but that is exactly what you are seeing.

We really appreciate your submission, and if anyone has more details about this project please send us information via our contact form, so here is Angel Crochet Free Pattern.

I couldn’t find an original link to this standard, but if you know, please let us know so we can place the appropriate credits or link to the site or something like that.[download_after_email id=”3249″ css=”off”]


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  1. I clicked on the free PDF for The Angel and the ended up with advertising for p***. Now I am afraid to open your PDFs.

  2. Hi there, thanks for the beautiful angel pattern.
    I’m from the Netherlands, is this USA or UK pattern????


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