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Nine Blocks Baby Blanket crochet is Designed by Cassandra Bibler Blanket is made of 9 Squares worked in the round with right side facing throughout. One round is worked in single crochet then next round is worked in double crochet for pattern stitch. Squares are joined together and a border is worked around outside edges.

9 Nine Blocks Baby Blanket crochet

As you have noticed this blanket is wonderful, the colors are nice and we don’t get sick of looking, on the contrary it brings us a feeling of peace and harmony. This blanket can be made for girls or girls, it can be made for you, for your bed, for your sofa rest, for your car or truck of your husband.

Nine Blocks Baby Blanket crochet

9 Nine Blocks Baby Blanket crochet
9 Nine Blocks Baby Blanket crochet
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It can be made for office, apartment, no matter where you want to use it, what matters is how wonderful its design is. The goal is yes for baby, but let’s face it I found it very beautiful that we’re really about to do it for us, but as I’m on another project for the next 2 months then I’ll have to wait a bit, to do it.

But if you want to make it, it’s very nice and you won’t regret making this beautiful blanket.  Gently steam block edging for a defined lace edge, do not over steam.

This baby blanket is easy enough for total beginners to crochet. That said, it’s still a great pattern for advanced crocheters. It works well when ever you need a fast baby blanket crochet pattern. Maybe there’s a last minute baby shower or you’re behind on your Christmas crafting; this is a blanket that works up quickly.

What is cuter than a baby wrapped in a crochet blanket? Not much. You’ll agree when you see these top crochet baby blankets. You will find patterns in different colors and styles, suitable for both boys and girls. They can be created as gifts and are also perfect to donate to hospitals and charities. Most of these crochet blanket patterns also work as lapghans, so you can gift them to nursing homes, not just to babies.

Do you want a crochet blanket pattern that’s even easier than that first one? Try this blanket. It’s made entirely in single crochet. It uses a large size P crochet hook combined with bulky weight yarn, so what you get is a quick blanket that beginners can easily crochet. It is designed as a 36″ square crochet baby blanket, but you can adapt it to any blanket size. SEE ALSO: Heart Quilting Free Pattern ♥ 8 FREE PDF ♥


  • ch = chain;
  • cm = centimeters;
  • dc = double crochet;
  • mm = millimeters;
  • sc = single crochet;
  • st(s) = stitch(es);
  • [ ] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified;
  • ( ) = work directions in parenthesis the number of times specified; * or ** = repeat whatever follows the * or ** as indicated.

Now that you’ve seen what this wonderful crochet looks like, it’s time to download your free PDF and make the piece according to the colors in the image or in the case you like it the most. Share this article with your friends, family, friends and whoever else you want. Leave your like and help us understand if you like so we can bring more models like this for you! [wpdm_package id=’3363′]

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