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Crochet Baby Everyday Set is a wonderful pattern that every mother and grandmother needs to have at home and if you use Crochet to help the family income, then this article is for you too, so read carefully the tips we will give here to sell this wonderful crochet pattern.

Crochet Baby Everyday Set

Crochet Baby Everyday Set
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Crochet Baby Everyday Set is also a way to make our baby always beautiful and tidy with these garments, in fact wonderful crochet pieces. As the name says, this set is composed by 7 pieces and all are the same, but the difference is in color.

The colors for this pattern are according to your taste and you want to leave your son or daughter beautifully every day of the week. The great detail of this set is in exactly two important parts for your baby which is the bib and bootie combined in everyday life.

Can I change the colors? You may ask this and our answer is the same as for almost every article: yes you can and should change. But you need to be aware of how much the colors know why? That’s what we’ll see now and Crochet Baby Everyday Set.

Some studies on chromotherapy show that colors can have an effect on a person’s mood. The subject arouses even more interest when we talk about babies and children.

For those who don’t know, chromotherapy has been used over the centuries to promote health, care for body and soul diseases by using the vibration pattern of each color for healing.

The theory is that light is energy, and the color phenomenon is a product of the interaction of this energy with matter, the human eye being sensitive to this electromagnetic radiation (light), and the frequencies emanated by colors would be our “medicines”.

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Colors for Crochet Baby Everyday Set behave basically in three ways: they can be active, passive or neutral. Nothing prevents you from combining a range of colors to get better results, or even to not get “stuck” in the concept of the powers of colors and end up not meeting your taste.

So, if you’re wondering which colour to choose to make your baby’s Crochet set we’ll leave 7 colour tips here for you and how to use them for your baby, remembering that you can always combine colours from what you like. Shall we?

Yellow for Crochet Baby

Like the sun, the yellow color is full of life and energy. It is a color that reflects a lot of light and can tire the sensitive eyes of the little ones a little.

Shy children benefit from yellow by increasing their amount of energy, but too much energy can leave them more prone to feelings such as frustration, favoring fits of anger and morning attacks. Babies cry more and find it harder to fall asleep if their clothes are too much or always yellow.

The balance – The stronger the tone of yellow, the greater the energy contained in the environment. Try to add earthy and neutral tones and decrease the amount of yellow color more vibrant in some tones. Scientists attest that paler shades of yellow help concentration.

Blue for Crochet Baby

Blue is associated, like white, to be a color that brings peace and calm, which is true. In adults the vibration of this color in lighter tones is able to lower blood pressure and make them feel more relaxed.

Crochet Baby Everyday Set

However, some shades of darker blue can have the opposite effect. Keep in mind that: light shades of blue are able to calm the most crying babies, but that dark blue evokes a feeling of sadness and melancholy. Careful moms, let’s stop the postpartum depression and the “baby blues”.

Balance – Light tones of blue bring the cold, or the sensation both in rooms and in clothes, especially if you do not have much contact with natural light. That’s why it’s ideal to add some colour that warms the baby up, such as shades of pink and yellow.

White for Crochet Baby

The color of cleanliness and calm. In crochet clothes it is the color that easily accuses when you have something dirty and know more easily how easily your baby gets dirty and how is the environment of the house.

The balance – Ideally you should have other crochet accessories or even fabrics, knitting that bring stimuli of the most diverse colors, something that the color white does not offer.

Orange for Crochet Baby Everyday Set

Result of the mixture of red and yellow, orange is a color to avoid in the predominant use with the baby, that is, not to use with frenquency. It is said that its influence can make babies sly, crying and grumpy.

Balance – Choose crochet, knitting or even fabric accessories so that this tone is just a differential in baby’s clothes

Pink for Crochet Baby

Color chosen by 8 out of 10 girls’ parents, pink is the color of love and few people do not associate the “baby” pink as a calm and cozy color.

Being a mixture of red and white, it is also a mixture of what these colors represent. The more red pigment pink has, the greater the influence of this color on the baby. Strong pink causes agitation and irritability.

The balance – Light clothes and details in shades of darker pink will provide calm and movement in the right dose.

Purple for Crochet Baby

Lavender and lilac are the most chosen shades of purple. Purple is the colour of comfort, royalty, creativity and security. The purple shades offer the same soul as the blue colour, without the risk of your baby feeling cold.

Balance – Insert shades of blue, red and yellow to bring more movement into the environment.

Green for Crochet Baby Everyday Set

Green is the color that is in the middle of the color spectrum, being neither hot nor cold, considered the color of balance. Using the various shades of green we automatically create a sense of harmony.

Green being the combination of the joy of yellow and the calm of blue, green is the most temperature-neutral color – neither refreshes nor warms. Research has also shown that green can improve reading ability by stimulating concentration and cognition, it is the color that brings stability, safety and comfort.

The balance – shades of blue in accessories arranged in the clothes and even in environments offer calm and tranquility. The colorful crochet curtain warms up the environment.

Red for Crochet Baby Everyday Set

Although red is a color that concentrates great energy, it is the solid color that most stimulates the child when “offered” in the right dose. Darker shades of red can cause irritability and that’s all we don’t need at this early stage of motherhood.

The balance – The color red should be used in crochet mobiles above the cot or in small pieces of crochet, with booties and even a crochet bow.


We hope you enjoyed this article and that you can make good use of the information contained here regarding the colors we can use for our babies. Share this article with your friends, with the moms you know and are crocheting or decorating a room for the arrival of the baby. Download your PDF Crochet Baby Everyday Set in the button above is free!

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    • Yes it is true! Some articles on that website ask for this. Since we bought it recently we are going to change everything, and put everything in the right way. We don’t know yet why the former owner did this, but soon everything will be organized.


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