TBeacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern for today we will see a Poncho a very beautiful pattern easy to make, 5 to understand the chart and even easier to complete pattern on the lines. This Poncho because I asked for only one color seeing and really simple the line layout. Not necessarily we are Poncho when it is cold, but also when we are in places with climate but cold or at night my couples more and also you in case for example I crossed a house in the country at night or another place.

Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern

Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern


Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern –Bodhi Life Crochet – Taylor

I kiss now and at the end you can download the pdf with this one with chuchu to do in your house. We also made it clear that this Poncho was made by Bodhi Life Crochet and you can now even see the link corresponding to this article.

The tip we will give you about this Poncho, so you can make it according to the color you like the most. Also if you want me to let you know it’s closed you can make a girdle at least 4 cm wide in the same color a gold or silver buckle.

Or you can also use a belt that you have at home that you can wear with Poncho in case you want to transform a type of blouse so to speak. This Poncho was made by Taylor had besides a great face idea when making this Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern.

From now on you can download your PDF and make it at home following mine and the colors you like, and of course you can make it about three or colored as you like it too.

Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern – by Taylor 

Next, I brainstormed a few design options with my friend Sam. When we started discussing the poncho I could feel that was the garment I wanted to create!

Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern
Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern –Bodhi Life Crochet – Taylor

And for the name, Beacon Street is one of the oldest streets in Boston, parts of which date back to 1850! My friend and model of this design, Grace, led me here to take photos on a crisp Sunday morning and I was not disappointed! I couldn’t stop admiring the gorgeous brown stone buildings, wrought iron details and black window shutters. Needless to say, I was quite infatuated so I thought it would be fitting to name my poncho after it.

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Below you will find detailed instructions, as well as photos, to create this look. At the bottom of this page I have given suggestions on how to customize. I hope you enjoy!

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Download Beacon Street Poncho Crochet Pattern  or after you download leave your comment below to know if you liked this material so we can bring more to you other old models and enjoy sharing on your Facebook, Twitter and even your Pinterest.



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