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Blue star afghan crochet pattern has a distinctive design but at the same time is eye-catching, i.e. it’s crochet piece shape proposes us to use it as we like, either as a rug, a bedspread for the center of the bed, a blanket for the sofa, and also a beautiful glass table center.

Blue Star Afghan Crochet pattern

Blue Star Afghan
Blue Star Afghan
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As for size this will depend on your need or your taste, although I always prefer the original sizes, I still have a little difficulty increasing the sizes, but soon I will be just like you, super experienced.
This crochet job I couldn’t figure out who did it, but if you find or know who his original author was, I’d like you to please contact us to take credit for it Blue Star Afghan Crochet pattern.

I really like to put the credits on those who do a certain job even more like this Blue star afghan crochet pattern , so much so I become a fan of the person who did the job, as you can know even more about her work. Blue star afghan crochet pattern.

One interesting thing that I observed about this wonderful work, I commented with my husband that the colors are very attractive, maybe you don’t like them, or you think these colors are dark or out of fashion.

But honestly any work I do or you do, we always have the option to change colors, sizes and even add. I particularly never like to undo anyone’s work, and frankly if anyone does, I’d rather not have friendships.

Well, speaking of crochet work, this Blue star afghan crochet pattern you can download this wonderful pattern right below, although this same PDF is super complete, the tutorial is done and complete.

You’ll like the step by step. This lovely blue star crocheted afghan will definitely add elegance to any room in your home. You can use it as a bedspread, a table cover, or a sofa throw.

In fact, the uses for this beautiful and stylish crocheted afghan are limitless! Intermediate and advanced crocheters will surely enjoy making this elegant blue star afghan pattern. Once completed, this stunning blue star afghan should have a measurement of around 60 inches by 60 inches Blue Star Afghan Crochet pattern.

If you are using the metric system, the finished crocheted afghan should be about 152 cm by 152 cm in size. This magnificent and creative blue star crocheted afghan is a design by Kathy Blakely. You can access the pattern for this lovely blue star afghan for FREE.


Download pattern – Soon after you download your PDF we ask you to please comment here, share on your social networks and still leave your like! We are here to help you, so help us grow even more!

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