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Crochet heart stitch is a very beautiful pattern that you can use for many occasions such as giving gifts to every person you Mother’s Day has passed but you can still give them to your mother on occasions that are special to her and to you.

Crochet heart stitch
Crochet heart stitch by mypicot.com
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Crochet heart stitch

Crochet heart stitch is also an interesting opportunity to show affection and affection for a special person like your husband or even your wife Murilo boyfriend, or if you prefer you can use this wonderful item as part of your home decor.

When a designer makes a certain product or a certain crochet pattern, he actually wants to put out his feelings about what he is doing and often why he is doing that crochet pattern.

I particularly like to try to interpret what is design wants to do with that crochet of course many like to do to be able to ask for their way of earning a living is a job like any other of course too much work and also has much pleasure in fact is a manual craft work.

In this designer’s special case this crochet when the person stops to crochet that has hearts that has flowers a person demonstrating feelings is a person showing you Love has much love or in the case has the need to receive much love.

Colorful picture of hearts that the designer who made this pattern is a person who has a heart for sure when stopping to make hearts is a person who is happy with life and the designer of this pattern of shows that with this wonderful Crochet heart stitch.

How many times must you have made a crochet pattern always imagining giving to someone or imagining your customer happy trying to imagine mainly the joy of either the person winning or the person buying, if you have ever made this situation in your mind you have managed to mentalize joy of the person you are a person full of love and love what you do.

Crochet heart stitch
Crochet heart stitch by mypicot.com

There is a story about a city in Brazil called São Paulo, one of the largest capitals in the country, where a lady who was 40 years old and, as they say, was extremely bitter, lived alone until one day she decided to take a trip to northern Brazil.

On this trip she went to a state called Maranhão, to be exact to know the Dunas Maranhense, a place that I had the privilege of knowing wonderful, really amazing I advise you to make a visit, well this lady visited this place and met but stalls where there were many women who worked with crochet she left Enchanted particularly with a crochet blanket and type this here that We are presenting all full of hearts colored with the colors pink and red and white.

The story goes that she was so Enchanted that she decided to practice crochet and make more blankets style that one, what she did not expect was that when returning to Sao Paulo and learn then the art of making to be her teacher was a man also single and had lovely hands in the art of crochet.

Word has it that this woman fell in love with this man’s mind fell in love with crochet and became one of the most beautiful crocheters in the city of Sao Paulo. What is the moral of the story in telling this? Crochet has the ability to change, it has the ability to make you forget suffering, crochet even has the ability to turn bitter people into kind people.

So we present this wonderful crochet we hope with all our hearts that you can enjoy as much as possible, I do your crochet no matter which pattern or which stitch you use do it with love and do it with your heart you will have that by the works you will accomplish.


Download the pattern from mypicot.com. If you can not access for some reason here are the two direct links downoad direct  patter 01download direct  pattern 02 (download both).

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