Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern is a different pattern that is a little bit laborious to observe in fact although it is written intermediate by the author of the pattern, but I particularly classify it as experienced due to the very strokes the flowers that are made in the middle and a little complex in time to make there possible amendment you can observe this in the image below.

Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern


Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern – Designed by Mary Griffin

Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern

Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern also shows how much the author thought about the details and had an excellent idea and even a good imagination to make a different pattern and let’s face it that some crochet are easy others are difficult others are complex, but sometimes the hard part is not to do born have idea and put into practice.

Another very important detail to respect the colors of this Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern using two colors a greenish tone and white in this case the colors were very well in the pattern used can say that has a special point to do even because the author said it has special point that is visibly clear in the image.

Looking more closely at the pattern we can then see that it is not simple, but rather a work that must have taken several days from the elaboration of the idea to the final details in the finish, in this image below you can now observe pattern has a border and this gave an extra charm to the Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern.

Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern
Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern – Designed by Mary Griffin

Here is low we will put some details of the pattern itself is important now you know that this pattern had the designer made by Mary Griffin and I could find this pattern on the site even has not many pictures has only one It’s a pity it has not of it all open, but soon we will have because I will start to do too.

Inclusive Have you ever thought what color you use it in this pattern I like dark tones that cause light tones for example where is the green I imagined a black flower in the white part and a red and the core that way the middle there I would put yellow would be a pattern with three colors kind of exaggerated, but I love it like this.

Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern is Finished Size 44 x 54 inches

  • Gauge: Motif = 10 inches; 7 dc = 2 inches
  • Motif = 10 inches; 7 dc = 2 inches

Pattern Notes

  • Weave in loose ends as work progresses.
  • Join rounds with a slip stitch unless otherwise stated.
  • Special Stitch
  • Long single crochet (long sc)

These are small pieces of information that you can see in the PDF at the time of downloading. We hope you liked this pattern and that you can make it to decorate your home or any other environment you want.

Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern
Dogwood Delight Crochet Pattern – Designed by Mary Griffin

Download Pattern 01 – One last observation is that you can make this pattern in the color or colors you want, as I said, each one has their own taste and can see the beauty of what they are doing.


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