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Lace tunic crochet free pattern this is a wonderful tunic that you can wear on special occasions and speaking of special occasions, how about preparing this wonderful white crochet tunic for 1 or 2 of the most special dates this year?

Lace tunic crochet free pattern

Lace tunic crochet free pattern
Lace tunic crochet free pattern by knitsi.com
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The Lace Tunic Crochet Free Pattern has a very different type of thread weave that just differs in the sleeve part to reinforce it a bit since the arm is the part that we move the most.

In the bust part the crochet stitches are very different from normal, but it is important to remember that depending on your style you can use a more reinforced or slightly thicker line if you wish.

For a woman who is very delicate you can use the reinforced thread or, in this case, you can use a not so thick thread. What I suggest here is to use the thread of your favorite brand and weight of your choice.

For white Tunics like this crocheted one I always recommend using it for occasions like Christmas, when the tradition is always white, or for New Year’s Eve, when the tradition is also white. Do you know why to wear white for Christmas or New Year?

White. Besides the fact that white is a neutral color, elegant and symbolizes peace, it can also be a good color to wear for Christmas, especially because of the amount of options that you find in stores, because of the ritual of wearing white on New Year’s Eve.

Another detail is that you can use the lining of this crochet tunic with another color for example gold, silver or another color that you think is interesting, have you thought about doing this by looking closely at these images here in the article?

Well now how am I going to make mine? I will follow the same crochet stitch used as well as the lining that is being used, however the color I will use is (that same color) because I will make two Tunics of this one for the party with my family and another for a special outing with my husband, in this case the black one for the party and in this case I should use some gold accessory like a long necklace.

What do you think about this idea? Isn’t it wonderful? What I mean is that we should leave our minds open to always improve the ideas we see in our crochet patterns.

Changes to access the PDF

Lace tunic crochet free pattern
Lace tunic crochet free pattern by knitsi.com

Starting today we are going to change the way you can download or access the PDF of your favorite pattern. The reason for this is that we have received several emails with information that our posts are being spammed on facebook.

This is not true and we began to look for the reason for this or that person to make this false claim, and all because the person could NOT READ the word DOWNLOAD!

Well the changes now will be quite drastic and to get to this point we tested over 24 times in different situations and then came to the pros and cons that was as follows:
At the end of each article you will see a big button with the tag DOWNLOAD, click on it will open a very simple step that consists of you putting your email and you will receive the PDF directly in your EMAIL.


Advantage ? have 2 that I liked very much: The first is that you never lose your PDF, ie, it will stay forever in your email, even if one day the article is for some reason deleted.

The second is that we are still going to see how it will be, but only those who downloaded any file or pdf from our site will receive first hand releases and promotions such as, for example, the Christmas that we will send to all our subscribers a great standard gift in PDF. Did you like the changes? And more to come! [download_after_email id=”2916″]

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