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Nostromo Crochet Pattern is a kind of crochet, quite actually a pattern made by Gabriella Barriere that I particularly and found incredible. It’s very different from what I had seen and done and according to my mother this pattern is also very different from what she had even thought of doing. You can check it out on the author’s website. So let’s talk a little more about it?

Nostromo Crochet Pattern

Nostromo Crochet Pattern
Nostromo Crochet Pattern
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Nostromo Crochet Pattern also caught my attention for the colors he was made using several shades of blue and black to make a perfect combination for this crochet work that I particularly loved and I will even say here what I did this work for.

Nostromo Crochet Pattern gave me the idea to make 3 different works using the same style and model, that is, without altering anything of the originality of the pattern I will make a carpet with two equal sides that will be in rectangular geometry. THIS PATTERN IS FROM crochetghoulie.tumblr.com.

So the carpet in Nostromo Crochet Pattern that I will make will be with the smaller parts (heads) being the style of the image that above and on the sides I will leave straight closing the points with a little high relief almost simulating a 3D.

The size for the carpet will be 3 meters wide by 7 meters long, I know it will be a long journey to do it, even because I am full of orders and still need to make for you these wonderful items to share my find … after all time is short!

Well the other idea I had with this beautiful Nostromo Crochet Pattern is to use a slightly thicker line (I haven’t defined the brand and line number yet) to make a Crochet blanket. In the case of this idea I will take the measurements of my bed and increase 50 centimeters on each side always closing with the same ends.

For the bed I’ll still make pillows that on their sides will have the same finishing tips of the image that you can see just below or the top, after all are the same model that will change is the colors, and speaking of colors also chose my favorites for Nostromo Crochet Pattern.

The last project I want to do with this pattern will be sweating a thinner line (I haven’t defined the brand and line number yet) but I want it to be smooth to make a curtain between environments. Curtains between environments is when you leave your living room to the dining room for example.

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This curtain in Nostromo Crochet Pattern will be colored and I’ll make it 4 or 7 strips of the same width and the house strip will be a shade of the same color, and each strip will have its own highlight. I’m not sure yet if I will choose colors combined with my furniture decoration or wall colors…, but over the days I will improve this idea.

If you think of doing something like me, I will leave here below the meaning of each color and how it can influence our decoration or our style, so read below and decide, you will like it I’m sure, after all even for us who love crochet decide the colors are more than important.

Color definition for our Nostromo Crochet Pattern

Nostromo Crochet Pattern
Nostromo Crochet Pattern

White: purity/tranquility

It goes well in any environment and gives a feeling of visual amplitude. The white is recommended in bathrooms, kitchens and corridors. Used in excess causes a little discomfort, try to combine with other colors.

Grey: spiritual powers/harmony

Grey is linked to moonlight, mysticism, intellectuality and consciousness. The color has a futuristic and elegant character and can be used in contemporary decoration. Silver appliances and furniture give a modern and sober look.

Yellow: welcoming

It also represents security, optimism and happiness. Yellow is indicated for places where the family meets, such as the living room. Prefer lighter shades of yellow so as not to tire the eyes.

Red: strong feelings

Passion, love, sensuality, power, anger and danger. Do not exaggerate in red in order not to transmit aggressiveness. The color is recommended for places where no one stays too long such as backyards, visiting rooms and winter gardens.

Green: luck/renewal

Nature, health, fertility, harmony, employment and money. Do not abuse the dark tones, because they represent envy and tiredness.

Blue: serenity

Introspection, wisdom, confidence, solitude, truth and beauty. The clear tones reinforce the characteristics. Blue is very common in hospitals and clinics. The color is also great for rooms, especially for babies.

Violet: mysticism/nobleness

Color still represents creativity, elegance and intellectuality. Clear tones of violet represent calm. Do not exaggerate the color to not bring melancholy and sadness.

Turquoise: generosity

Use turquoise to attract wealth and expansiveness. Maybe use this? I really see as possíble!

Brown: solidity

It conveys seriousness, stability and sophistication. Brown is dominated by red, but complements blue and green.

Nostromo Crochet Pattern
Nostromo Crochet Pattern

Black: sophistication

Black also gives strength and mystery. Use with caution the colors for our beloved Nostromo Crochet Pattern to not flatten the environments and not attract negativity. But you must use them.


We hope you have enjoyed this pattern and that you can then make it either to use at home, or to sell, or to give as a gift and you can still do it to decorate your parties whatever it is. Leave your comment and let’s see what you think of this wonderful pattern.

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