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Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along

Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along
Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along 2020

If you want something Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along for example, this pattern we’re showing in the image below is fantastic. Can you imagine a quilt or a blanket that looks like a green grass with flowers? This flower crochet pattern is wonderful, you and your family go to a park, a picnic or camping and this quilt is the harmonious point for dinner, afternoon snack, breakfast or lunch, isn’t it fantastic?

Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along

Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along 2020
Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along 2020

Croche patterns made with flowers should and always need to harmonize with the decoration of the environment or the type of environment that it will be shown. See more what you can learn about this pattern in the PDF that you will download.


The patterns have been written for Stylecraft Life DK. This is a true DK weight of yarn that knits to a tension of 22sts and 30 rows on 4mm knitting needles. Although we hope that you will be using either our Life DK or Special DK, if you have found a substitute yarn then check the ball band for the knitted tension information. There are some hints and tips from Jane a little further on about how to achieve she correct crochet tension and Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along.

Stylecraft Life DK comes in 100g balls and has a length of 326yds/298 metres. If you have chosen an alternative yarn please make sure that the length is as close to Life DK as possible. Yarns that have a different fibre content or a slightly different yarn twist can have varying lengths of yarn, even though they weigh the same. If you are using Special DK instead of Life DK you do not need any extra yarn as there is only a tiny difference in yarn length per 100g ball to do your Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along.


Jane has used a 3.5mm, 4mm & 4.5mm hook in the project. The 4mm hook is used for the majority of the project, but it is important that you do have all 3 sizes as using the incorrect hook size will affect the appearance of your piece. Jane is a big fan of Clover Amour hooks. They have an elastomer handle which is slightly squishy and stops your fingers from slipping. The ergonomic design of the hook also means there is a flat area for your thumb to rest on.

Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along 2020
Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along 2020

Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along and here, There are lots of new hooks on the market now. Many of them have a plastic type handle and Jane can vouch for the fact that a sturdy handle really does help if you struggle with sore wrists or fingers when you crochet. You could also take a look at the Knit Pro Waves, Prym or Clover Soft Touch as an alternative to the Clover Amour.


Along with the crochet hooks, you will need a few extra pieces of equipment when working through this project.


In order to help you through the making up process of the blanket Jane suggests within the patterns that you use stitch markers to denote certain stitches or help when you are joining your seams later on. Jane tends to use small locking stitch markers – these look like little nappy pins and are really safe as the stitches cannot escape. Locking markers are especially good for holding crochet pieces together while you sew up seams.

Jane suggests that you use a stitch marker to mark every corner stitch on the square motifs, of which there will be a total of 21 pieces. Now to Pretty Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along,  If you mark each piece with 4 markers and plan to leave them in your work the whole time then you will need a total of 84 markers. This is a lot of markers, so you could mark your stitches with spare pieces of yarn or small pins or hair slides if you prefer.


Download pattern –  You will have a lot of yarn ends to sew in as you work through the project. It can save a lot of time at the end if you sew in all your ends as you go along so that you don’t end up with a massive making up job once you have completed all your crochet. The blanket will be crocheted together using double crochet, but you will need a sewing needle to sew in all the loose ends.


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