Santa Claus cutlery pants is our standard for today and surely you have already observed several items for Christmas decoration both for launching home and dining table, for bedroom, living room and also for other rooms of the house. But this pattern is an interesting pattern in fact it was a find of ours on the internet through a blog. So let’s get to know this wonderful pattern really inspiring.

Santa Claus cutlery pants

Santa Claus cutlery pants Free Patterns


Santa Claus cutlery pants Free Patterns

The dish rest is one of the most wanted items to put on the Christmas table and thus decorate where our dishes will stay, not only the dishes, but also the pots and of course we can not forget the glasses that will stay the wine, water and champagne itself and obviously our Santa Claus cutlery pants.

The curiosity of this pattern particularly I had never thought to make something like this a Santa Claus pants where I could put the cutlery inside an organized way that gave rise then the idea, I believe the author of this pattern Santa Claus cutlery pants.

Surely you must have already put on your flatware or around it some kind of crochet scarf or napkin the same fabric, but really maybe you never thought of making a Santa Claus cutlery pants to put the flatware.

The idea is really fantastic I really liked this idea not only for Christmas but also with other colors so I can give occasions of the most diverse good, if you have Santa’s pants why not make a heart for Valentine’s Day, or maybe an egg shell to put inside the flatware really the ideas came to flow in my head.

Santa Claus cutlery pants Free Patterns
Santa Claus cutlery pants Free Patterns

This Santa Claus cutlery pants pattern It’s simple is not complicated to make, I believe that making around 12 pieces you should spend about a week making calm mind and best of all, it’s a pattern and even beginner can do quietly.

The colors shown here in this Santa Claus cutlery pants pattern for you, in case the photos you can observe in this article is in the color red with black and white that you can see the belt of Santa Claus pants, so it’s time for you to know our tips to make this pattern.

But the main tip is to make this pattern with some variations in colors so that you can have an even more colorful and decorated table. Another interesting factor of Santa Claus cutlery pants is if you are going to use red as the pattern the next pants can be green following the same strokes.

The idea is not to change all the colors only the main color in the case of this article is red, so you could be using the colors green, red, blue and if you wish you can also do in the good black color this is variable with heart shape that is bringing to your Christmas.

The Christmas decorations for 2020 are being the most diverse including some are being repeated last year all this because of the pandemic that we faced this year.

And many other people have been trying to use their own crochet as it comes out cheaper even though it takes a little longer and as you can see we’re talking much earlier about Christmas issues than in previous years all this to give you time to do your best for your Christmas dinner.

Santa Claus cutlery pants Free Patterns
Santa Claus cutlery pants Free Patterns

Our final tip for Santa Claus cutlery pants is that you are making a nice Christmas dinner using crochet is to use a plate rest that matches with this Santa Claus cutlery pants as well as a tablecloth that also matches with the two previous items, combining the three together you can add the last ingredient is your love in crochet for your family and for everyone’s joy.


So we hope you enjoyed this item Santa Claus pants for cutlery and that you can have a very merry Christmas and recover from the sequels that this COVID-19 family brought on all of us. Download the PDF of Santa Claus cutlery pants above for free have a great week.


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