Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns is a beautiful curtain skirt that can be worn anywhere in your home as part of the décor and you can choose. I love the idea of crochet curtains.

Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns

Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns


Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns

Star Flowers Valance Designed by Josie Rabier. You can put them on every window of your house or mix and match different window coverings, such as Roman cloth curtains, with hand made crochet curtains for a beautiful custom style in your home.

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See below now 3 tips just for you to choose the best curtain skirt to decorate your home. Remembering that you can make with the colors and size to the taste of your home.

  1. Choose the curtain model according to your needs

Before you start looking for curtain models, it is important to know what your role will be in the look of the environment: ensuring privacy, controlling the brightness or external noise, or just decorating the scene.

Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns the choice of the ideal curtain model for the environment depends essentially on this information, because only from this you can define the best fabrics, sizes and styles.

Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns
Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns

2. No dark fabrics for windows with lots of sun exposure

Avoid models of curtains with dark fabrics on the windows where the sunlight index is intense, because although it better bars the luminosity, it retains heat and increases the temperature of the environment during the day. In these cases, the best choices are silk, linen, serge or even richelie curtains, all in light tones.

3. The charm and sophistication of light fabrics sophisticated curtain models

Bet on lightweight fabrics to create current and eclectic compositions, widely used in environments with a classic, modern or stripped look.

Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns
Star Flowers Valance Free Patterns

The voil, widely used nowadays, slightly prevents the entrance of natural light and gives an incredible charm to the living room decoration, for example. Silk, a noble fabric, is perfect for a classic and refined composition for any place, especially in the couple’s bedroom.


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