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Blanket Hearts Crochet is a wonderful thing to have at home especially when you have one of the happiest reasons to wear a crochet piece. You want an example? Love. When we love our feeling overflows with joy and that we can pass on to our family and friends. Blanket Hearts Crochet has come to stay, to transmit, to show what we have best.

Blanket Hearts Crochet

Blanket Hearts Crochet Free Patterns - Souvenirs 2020
Blanket Hearts Crochet Free Patterns – Souvenirs 2020 – Design by Anne Halliday
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I’m not just a woman excited about a piece of crochet, but a woman who seeks challenges and joy in doing and jobs like that… Crochet jobs and actually who doesn’t like to be loved? SPECIAL FREE PATTERN: Butterfly Special Crochet Hearts Crochet will be my motto from now on, that’s right, my heart is crochet, strong as the thread, colorful as life, long as the threads and soft as love. Look I’m inspired!

Blanket Hearts Crochet brought me this joy because when I got married I always wanted to have a beautiful, wonderful, movie-star-like wedding, but that’s not how it happened.  Actually, my wedding wasn’t like that. I actually met my husband through the internet, through an online game. I talked to him a lot over the phone, without ever seeing him or a picture of him… (girls don’t do that) I was very crazy…

Blanket hearts and my hunsbad?

My husband lived in another state about 3 thousand kilometers away and as I said we just talked on the phone. It was very interesting this story of mine and ours. I remember that one day, a Thursday night I added him to the old MSN, (online chat program) on the second day of chat he released the verb.

Blanket Hearts Crochet Free Patterns - Souvenirs 2020
Blanket Hearts Crochet Free Patterns – Souvenirs 2020 – Design by Anne Halliday

He said everything that was negative on his part, never said it was beautiful, intelligent, or anything like that, just said the defects he had and health problems (nothing serious). That caught my attention. At that time I was in very bad health and had to leave my profession (masseur) to learn crochet and live from this beautiful work that I love so much until today. I told him, do you know what he answered me?

“I will support you whenever I have to and when I don’t have to” … oh that made me so happy, so happy and excited I thought FOUND MY CROCHE LINE EXCLUSIVE… girls that is 15 years ago.

My husband then with 3 days of MSN so to speak, asked me to marry him I accepted look at the madness… ahhh how this Blanket Hearts Crochet reminds me of these details every detail… so my husband dropped everything in his city in 3 months girls 3 months he came from moving to my city, without job, without family or friends, came with courage the guidance of God.

Blanket Hearts Crochet Designed?

Blanket Hearts Crochet is designed by Anne Halliday. I can’t remember where my husband got this pattern and if you really know where the pattern is, please let us know so you can put the block with the download link and more information, you can put it in the comments.

Blanket Hearts Crochet Download

Blanket Hearts Crochet brought me these wonderful memories and reminded me that my love for crochet today has become so great thanks to my husband that he is always, but always at my side in any circumstances. Blanket Hearts Crochet do you have a similar story, a Crochet pattern as I do that brings back incredible memories? Memories you never want to forget?. (no need to say your name, we’ll put a fictional one.

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  1. hearts pattern instruction pls nothing else best wishes and prayers to you that your happiness
    continues the rest of your life

    • hey Andrea, you can clique button “NEXT” in last have topic download, clique button download and this send to your mail.

  2. The blanket is so beautiful I would love to make for my daughter and granddaughters so they can know how much I love them
    ThNk you

  3. Is this a mosaic pattern, where you cut yarn and wory right to left for all rows or turning at end of each row but using a different colour. It’s gorgeous.

  4. I haven’t been able to download the Hearts blanket. I can get the black box that says DOWNLOAD, but no matter what I try to do I get no download.

  5. Just figured it out. For everyone still having problems. You click on “download” than click on envelope next to “email” and type in your email. Then click on “send link” Just sent it and it was there.

  6. I tried to get the pattern three different times and I never got it. Not in my inbox or my junk mail!!!

  7. download is not working … it does not give me fields to put name or email or anything…
    please send pattern thank you…

  8. I’ve been trying to find the pattern for this beautiful blanket for nearly 2 hours now. I’ve had to give up. How do I get it?

  9. Micheline, I am having same trouble – download is not coming through – have checked all areas. Please advise. Kind regards, Jan


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