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Scrappy Happy Burgoyne is such a wonderful quilt to be seen in the images below and throughout this article how wonderful it is to make it, at least that’s what I think. I was looking for something colorful to make some 4 identical pieces to give to a daycare that is in need and blankets and bedspreads.

Scrappy Happy Burgoyne Surrounded

You’ve probably already thought about making a donation so you know my feeling for doing that.
My brother who is also wanting to help in these donations will participate with a few dollars to buy the fabrics I need as well as other things to donate for the daycare and for the children who need more.

Scrappy Happy Burgoyne Surrounded 2020
Scrappy Happy Burgoyne Surrounded 2020
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Speaking now about our bedspread we can observe that it is indeed a wonder in sewing with details of colors that leave it uniquely and exclusively in detail. We will only be able to make this quilt if we follow the steps carefully, Scrappy Happy Burgoyne Surrounded.

No matter if you are experienced or not, following a pattern is following the pattern as the author of the PDF. Then being experienced or intermediate you will be able to make this Scrappy Happy Burgoyne pattern smoothly.

WE CANNOT forget that Scrappy Happy Burgoyne was created by Becky Tillman Petersen. She made a wonderful pattern that we can create with the colors we like the most or make exactly in this color. I’ve already decided, so I’ll make exactly this color.

You can use this pattern in several ways, for example: blanket, quilt, a grass cover at the time of a wonderful picnic. You can use it as a wonderful sofa lining, a rest chair for Daddy, a hammock in a beautiful park, cold and hot days and any other reason you want to use it.

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