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Chocolate crochet pattern! Just kidding it is not made of chocolate but it has the feeling of chocolate and we can see by the colors that brings us that feeling of taking that delicious hot chocolate or a chocolate ice cream really healing this pattern is fantastic and of course let’s talk about a crochet pattern that reminds me of chocolate.

Chocolate crochet pattern

Chocolate crochet pattern
Chocolate crochet pattern imagem by www.garnstudio.com
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Our dear Editor who made this wonderful pattern I believe she has thought for you a chocolate pie I What the flower in the middle of this block in crochet can represent Say a strawberry. My imagination may be fertile but this pattern reminds me of a delicious chocolate ice cream and a chocolate pie with strawberries and that reminds me.

There are several such wonderful crochet patterns that you can find out there.

In this case the designer of this wonderful crochet pattern has managed to find in the lines from brown to red in their various purposes as well as black a perfect fit of something that we enjoy both looking at and wanting to do. Well if you ask me if I am pregnant it is quite possible to confirm this point of view.

Another very interesting thing about this boss is that the singing block was made in a different way, can you see in the picture above the difference between the blocks?

I swear to you that I looked closely thinking that she sings three different blocks crochet but in fact there are more can you see the other different blocks in this kit just by looking at this picture? Yes I did and so in this picture counting I can see 5 different blocks can you see more?

I really love to crochet so when I look at it it brings back memories of both my past and work that I am doing and still want to do others but specifically some there are two crochet I like to do for myself personally not for sale.

At the moment that I am making this article for you now I left the picture open on my cell phone and my neighbor who came to visit me saw it and asked me to make it for her too, actually I told her that I would do it but I wouldn’t know yet what the final value would be I still haven’t made the pattern to have a definitive value.

I usually use to make a pattern to sell I usually evaluate the time I spend, the size of the pattern to be made, the cost of the threads and especially if there is any extra detail in that pattern outside of the crochet threads, I made a pattern for a mom and wanted the baby’s blanket to have some extra details.

I swear to you that if I had found this pattern before Mother’s Day I would have made it for my mother and my grandmother. I know this is not a chocolate for you to eat but I know you’re giving it is wonderful.


Download pattern here or easy download here – If you like this pattern you can download it here is low there are two ways to do this I hope you enjoyed it and of course credit duly to the designer of the pattern as shown in the paragraph above.

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