Color Mixing Baby Blanket is inspired by the bright, interactive illustrations of Hervé Tullet. Instructions include how to use scrap yarn to achieve the color blending design shown. Size can easily be adjusted by adding more colors and squares. Yardage and instructions make a 34” square finished blanket.

Color Mixing Baby Blanket Design

Color Mixing Baby Blanket1


Color Mixing Baby Blanket by Kayla Pins

This free pattern designed by Kayla Pins. love granny squares, scrappy yarn, and the simple, colorful illustrations of Hervé Tullet. All of them come together in this
baby blanket that was so much fun to make. I’ve put it all together a free crochet pattern so you can enjoy it too.

Baby Blanket Color

If you are not familiar with Tullet’s illustrations, check out his books interactive books that are just perfect for toddlers. Notice how the colors make a pattern within their color. For example:

Color Mixing Baby Blanket1
Color Mixing Baby Blanket1

In the purple-centered row, from the left, the order is eggplant, raspberry, violet. In the purple-bordered  column, from the top, the order is eggplant, raspberry, violet. In the green row and  column, centers and borders alternate between lighter and darker green.

Color Mixing Baby Blanket Download

Color Mixing Baby Blanket1
Color Mixing Baby Blanket1

There is no variation in the yellow center or column. Your afghan will look different  depending on if you have one, two, or three “colors” for each color. I found the PDF a bit strange, but you can make the default, just look carefully. Anyway, this pattern was on Ravery and you can download it if you want by following this link: If you can’t download you can use the button below, which is direct.[download_after_email id=”3119″ css=”off”]


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