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Crochet butterfly pattern is a wonderful crochet pattern that you can use in any kind of place as for example in your works for the upcoming Christmas, as for example a decoration for your centerpiece or to decorate the cloths used to catch the pans or even to use as holders for plates, cups and others that you want on your table, but let’s talk a little more about this pattern and how you can use it.

Crochet butterfly pattern
Crochet butterfly pattern by mypicot.com
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Crochet butterfly pattern

The big request for this type of Crochet butterfly pattern is to decorate Christmas trees to put together with the decoration balls or just to leave them according to your taste, that’s what matters, isn’t it?

This pattern is NOT OURS. WE DID NOT CREATE IT, but from the blog mypicot.com and you can access here the original link of the article to know and see more if you wish. So we hope you enjoy our tips further down.

Another detail to this point is that you can use to decorate not only your Christmas tree, but also decorate the garland that is at the front door or to decorate inside your house specifically on the wall near the table or wherever you want. So let’s understand a little about the Christmas tree and of course about the wreath.

So let’s start talking about the Christmas tree, what do you think? This is the most interesting part that children like the most, because it is where the presents that they like the most are.

Christmas is marked by several symbols, such as Santa Claus, nativity scenes, and the lights that illuminate and decorate the cities. One of the most important representations of this period are the Christmas trees, produced in the most varied sizes and adorned with different ornaments. Read this text and learn a little about the history of this Christmas symbol and Crochet butterfly pattern is perfect.

The origin of the modern Christmas tree is a matter of controversy. There are those who say it appeared in Talinn (now Estonia) in 1441, while others say it appeared in Riga (now Latvia) in 1510. There are also those who say it appeared in Bremen (now Germany) sometime in the 16th century. Although there is debate about the exact location of the modern Christmas tree, historians know that its origins are linked with medieval traditions related to pagan cultures.

Modern Christmas trees were inserted inside homes throughout the 16th century and were decorated with apples and walnuts. They became popular only in the 19th century because of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of the United Kingdom.

As Queen Victoria’s mother was German, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees was also carried out in England. This made the symbol popular in the UK and spread it to other parts of the world.

Crochet butterfly pattern
Crochet butterfly pattern Crochet butterfly pattern

Well, this is just a short story about the Christmas tree that we have to share with you. We hope you enjoyed it and below you can download your pattern. Remember that this pattern you can use not only for Christmas, but for any occasion. So Crochet butterfly pattern  is perfect.

Now comes another simple point for you to understand regarding the garland you can use in your home. There are several garland patterns, but in this case this one with the butterfly can be very beautiful if used.

We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful crochet pattern and the final tip we will leave you is to make it in the colors you want and find most beautiful, after all crochet is a matter of taste, color and beauty.[download_after_email id=”2978″]

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