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Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket is a beautiful standard for your baby or yourself, or the one you love. In fact, any patterns we crochet can be and should be done with affection and love, after all what is the point of spending hours and more hours crocheting, knitting, cross stitch or any other without love?

Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket

Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket
Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket image by creativejewishmom.com
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Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket this one in particular caught my attention in two colors that I had not yet thought of doing or working with together, orange and gray. The combination of colors were very well married, with the strong out and the soft as central.

This makes me want to work with more colors in this way for example in place of this orange I use red and black center to combine even more, after all I love red and black passion.

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Who doesn’t love to crochet with dark and strong colors and even bright? Well the colors are the starting point and base to make a beautiful independent of any kind of crochet work or other that we will do. Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket is very beautiful and you can make it in any color you want.

This wonderful piece made of crochet, shows that there are no limits to the model and pattern we can be making our crocheted garments. So to make it even easier for us of course for you to be our reader, we will always bring pieces like this one in different colors and shapes for you to try to make also your home.

The big question about this crochet piece is: can I make it there to sell too? What would be the ideal price to sell? These two questions we will answer now because some readers have sent us the e-mail to clarify these doubts;

Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket
Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket image by creativejewishmom.com

Crochet pieces as you are answering the first question, can be sold to complement your income or to those who actually work as a craftsman and survive by making these Crochet Wonders.

Of course, for this you always need to distinguish one piece from the other, either by a glossy detail, by different sizes, by different colors or by coloring the piece you are making.

As for the price you should, however, calculate the time spent, the materials used and the value of these materials, their complexity which in this case refers to the quantity of colors and shapes and finally the size. So in the sum of these parts you will then have the value that you can sell or not only this piece, but any other crochet piece. Original Patterns in creativejewishmom.com

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  1. Thank you for sharing your pattern. This blanket looks to be well made and warm. I’m hoping to decrease the size for a charity that I crochet for. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    • My wife and I are happy that you like Joan. I also help an institution in need in Brazil and another in Bolivia.

      We will definitely have more like this soon for you and even better ones. Thank you very much for your comment and especially for helping those in need.
      We will always ask God in our prayers that you will always be the good person you are.
      Thank you.


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