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Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern is a common pattern if you look closely, but actually I ask you: is this pattern really as common as our eyes show us it is? What do you think? I will actually answer you NO. But why is it not common? Let’s see now. As the Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern has said, it is a pattern that dazzles our beautiful sunset. Of course we can’t always see a beautiful sunset, but in fact this pattern was made with this inspiration, and it has two reasons. Let’s see each reason now:

Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern

Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern
Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern
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The most edible segment on the colour wheel, orange shines vividly. Golden light, vitamin C, glorious free-range eggs, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, it’s the signature colour of vitality.

While,these days, I’m a push over for orange cardigans and kitchen utensils, it hasn’t always been so. Perhaps its presence during my 1970s childhood – a time when (and this hurts to write) brown and orange were often paired together – may have had more than a little to do with it. Even back then I knew it was not OK!

Orange can be a wonderful and colorful friend. Even though it has an ability to dominate the conversation, it’s equally happy to step back and a take supporting role in a colour scheme. SEE ALSO: Cardigan Figs Crochet pattern free for 2021

This very reason is why I chose an analogous selection of yarn for this month’s project. In a sherbet palette (pastel with a fizzy pizza), Papaya, Salmon and Mustard create a bright, in-your-face harmony. Watch out though, they’re so mouthwatering together, like a bowl of sunrise!

Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern – Colour Facts about ORANGE

Orange was named most sensibly, after the citrus fruit, in the early 16th century. Nestled between red-orange and yellow-orange on the colour wheel, it was often referred to as red (hence red hair) or saffron. Because of its vibrancy, black boxes on planes are actually orange. ‘Realgar’ was the name of an orange paint pigment from ancient to Medievals times. So this Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern is perfect!

Beta carotene is the orange pigment found in fruit and veggies, and converts to Vitamin A when eaten. Vitamin A (though toxic in high quantities) helps support eye health, so that old saying eat your carrots so you can see in the dark’ has more than a ring of truth to it.

Kate has designed a richly coloured blanket using the colour orange as a base and mixing it with analogous red-based colours. We’re loving the cheerful vibrancy of the geometric shapes – just like a brilliant sunrise.

The second reason for this pattern to have this name is quite simple. If you are a person like me, who loves nature and its most varied colors and tones, as well as a romantic and classic, romantic and modern person or simply is romantic, then you have just found the second reason for this pattern to be called Golden Sunshine crochet pattern. Notes: The Blanket is made up of 40 square motifs and 20 triangles crocheted together in a diamond pattern.

Simply Must Have Yeans!

All the projects in our new Crochet Colour Class series are made using the Yarn and Colors Must-Have range, one of eight ranges the brand now carries. (We love the matching 10g Must-Have minis!) Owner Koen says:

“With lots of love and care we have created a colour range of 100 different shades, forming the foundation of Yarn and Colors. All our ranges are based on this colour palette, creating an assortment where not only colours can easily be combined but the different yarns can be effortlessly mixed, too.”

And we hope that this pattern can really be part of your collection and that on hot and cold days it will be part of your clothes and collections.  Download the PDF on the button above and leave your comment here so that we know if you like this pattern. Do you have a pattern request? Leave it here too so that we can search your Golden Sunshine Crochet Pattern. [download_after_email id=”2995″]

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