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Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns is a wonderful work full of life that reminds us of spring and a beautiful layer of flowers made in croche with beautiful colors. We always say that colours are the fundamental part for us to do a good job either for our home or for ourselves and for those who sell a beautiful crocheted work.

Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns

Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns
Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns
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This beautiful work, this quilt was DESIGN BY ELAINE BARTLETT Brightly colored squares accented with contrasting-color popcorn flowers are arranged in a diagonal striping pattern in this stunning floral throw.

Gauge Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns

Size I hook: Motif = 5½ inches square

Pattern Notes

Join with slip stitch as indicated unless otherwise stated.
Chain-2 at beginning of rounds counts as first double crochet unless otherwise stated.

Special Stitches for Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns

Puff stitch (puff st): [Yo, insert hook in ring, pull up long lp] twice, yo, pull through all lps on hook.

Beginning popcorn (beg pc): Ch 3, 3 dc as indicated in instructions, drop lp from hook and insert hook in 3rd ch of beg ch-3, pull dropped lp through.

Popcorn (pc): 4 dc as indicated in instructions, drop lp from hook and insert hook in first dc of group, pull dropped lp through.

The crochet blanket is one of the most popular and easy to find items in Brazilian homes. This is true for a number of reasons, especially the fact that this is a cheap product, being even possible to do it at home with the help of some tools, and also very versatile, with various uses, in addition to models available in specialized stores.

All this versatility can be seen, for example, Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns in the baby crochet blanket, which in fact is used in many ways, although as a blanket is the most common.

Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns
Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns

The same goes for the crochet sofa blanket, which is often used as a cover matching the pillows, in order to prevent the fabric from getting dirty during use, which also goes for the armchairs.

Precisely because of this multi-functionality, crochet Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns are often confused with bedspreads, since it is not difficult to find people who choose to use it as a bedding. SEE ALSO: Crochet Rainbow Mandala Waistcoat  AND Grandmother’s Footsteps Crochet Along 

The truth is that when it comes to the crochet blanket, the most important thing is to use it in such a way as to take advantage of all its advantages, no matter the way or name given to it as a product.

If you are one of the enthusiasts of the Blanket Fantasy Garden Free Patterns, but don’t know its details very well, keep reading and check a lot of valuable information about this item that stands out for being beautiful, versatile and very accessible.

Take the opportunity to discover how to make a crochet blanket and have a look at our gallery of beautiful models that are sure to inspire you.

Crochet and knitting blankets: what are the differences?

One of the most important questions about crochet blankets is the difference between them and knitting blankets, which is also very popular and in fact similar in many ways. You cand downlaod your PDF free now in bellow button.

An example of this is the appearance, because both blankets have a braided style. In addition, the crochet blankets and knitting blankets are sold in the same price ranges, at a very affordable price.[download_after_email id=”3012″]

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