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Bridal Shawl Crochet Free pattern is a piece of clothing, or a wonderful accessory in marriage, is after all also a beautiful accessory and some models of wedding dresses an important piece. But a bridal shawl crochet doesn’t necessarily mean it can only be worn on a bride’s wedding day, you can wear it on other special dates, you know what?

Bridal Shawl Crochet Free pattern

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BRIDAL SHAWL CROCHET by Aunt Lydia’sBridal Shawl Crochet can be used at debutante parties, birthday parties when the woman wants to go more than beautiful and wonderful, can be used as part of a godmother’s dress, can also be used at a gala party.

But there is one interesting detail to consider if you want to use the Bridal Shawl Crochet at other kinds of parties like business dinners, or a gala party. Fashion this flowing bridal shawl by crocheting in Aunt Lydia’s Iced Bamboo.

For example to use at a gala party you should make this piece of ornament in dark colors with glows facing gold or silver, I personally recommend the gold.

Whatever the occasion, the important thing is that you now have in hand a wonderful PDF to download and clearly an intermediate level person can do without any problem.


SEE ALSO:3D Crochet Flowers Quilt Free Pattern Original link by yarnspirations.com Making the right size is important! Take a look at the dimensions of your new projects and choose the one that’s right for you, and always make a gauge swatch to match your tension.

Shawl measures 15″ (38 cm) wide (from back neck to lower edge) and 86″ (218.5 cm) long (across lower edge)


Treat your finished project right! Make sure you read the care directions closely so your hard work ages gracefully.

  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Iron
  • Machine Wash in Warm Water, Delicate Setting
  • Promptly Remove, Roll in Towel, and Block

Using crochet at the wedding. Secret of grandma the crochet has been conquering the market for decoration and fashion. Surely these ideas can be used in your wedding, both in decoration and in the choice of dress, crochet is a great option.

It can be used on the table decorations and even on the cake, besides being super cute it is still a unique trend. Crochet is certainly a great idea for the dress, and can have several models and cuts.

Choose the colors, the ideal size and choose the more than special occasion to be able to fix your Bridal Shawl Crochet. Now you can download your PDF for free, just click the button below.[wpdm_package id=’3411′]

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