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Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern is our item today and we will open our week with one of the most beautiful Crochet blankets that combines white with purple, or lilac or purple. So let’s get started by asking you to leave your Like so we can start with a gold key to this item.

Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern

Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern
Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern – WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?
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One thing I always talk about and can even look at in any forum, website or blog or social network of mine is that the colors chosen to make a pattern is more important after choosing the model.

Colors are what buy our joy and have something we want, that is, if we want something it’s because our eyes talked to us that it’s beautiful. For example, would you buy a burger if it was all broken, disassembled? I’m sure you wouldn’t.

No different from a beautiful table full of beautiful dishes well made, the crochet we make needs to have this special seasoning in the eyes of those who will buy, or who will win, don’t you agree that you buy something because you think it is beautiful, practical and with benefits from the most diverse?

Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern is this mixture of pleasure to the eyes, you look at this blanket and soon you come across a beautiful marriage of colors where the blue, white or purple come in and when we can make a mixture like this, our heart fills with joy is not it?

Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern also has a special way of being made, following a “throw” pattern this blanket is made in parts and then joined with the crochet itself.

So for this project that had its design by Ellen Gormley and is found on yarnspirations.com we can clearly see her good taste and great achievement of hitting the perfect colors on a perfect crochet quilt.

NOTES – Brocade Throw


  • – Beginning chain-3 counts as first double crochet.
  • – For petals, two chains and a slip stitch, counts as first double crochet.
  • – Do not join or turn rounds unless otherwise stated. Mark first stitch of each round.
  • – The Right Side should always face up, there is no turning. SEE ALSO: Soupir Poncho Pattern

    Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern
    Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern – Blue + Gree + Red + White

SPECIAL POINTS – Brocade Throw

  • – Modified Double Crochet (modified dc): begin dc in st indicated, but before you yarn over the second time, insert hook in ch-3 corner to the left on hexagon, yo, and pull through all 3 loops on hook.
  • – Single Crochet Decrease (Sc dec): (Insert hook in stitch indicated, yo, and pull up a loop) 2 teams, yo, pull through all 3 loops on hook.
  • – Double Crochet Decase (Dc dec): (insert hook in next st, yo, pull through st, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) 2 times, yo, pull through all 3 loops on hook.

For you to have more favorable details about this Brocade Throw Crochet Pattern PDF it’s good to see the full PDF and look for the details that catch your attention. You don’t have to do exactly the colors that make up the PDF, but they can change and make the perfect match your eyes like.

We hope you enjoyed this beautiful PDF we brought for you today, and that you can make it especially to your liking. To finish a tip, it’s August and close to Christmas so how about making a beautiful combination of red + green + white? Don’t forget to leave your comment and your LIKE.[download_after_email id=”3024″]

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