Soupir Poncho Free Patterns is a very beautiful pattern of a poncho that you, according to what we read in the PDF that was sent to us, is of a different kind: with Luxury, Comfort and Refinement. This is what our article will bring to you today. A beautiful pattern!

Soupir Poncho Free Patterns

Soupir Poncho Free Patterns


Soupir Poncho Free Patterns

Sometimes when we really want to find a good PDF so we can do it, you know why I wrote that? I’ve always been crazy to make a Soupir Poncho based on Japanese techniques and styles, and believe me, I can’t believe we got this pattern so well explained and still translated into our language.

This Soupir Poncho Free Patterns as we can see in the images above is delicate while dressing well and for colder days it is super warm and has a detail who can knit even using this graphic can do it, of course it is not easy, but it is not impossible.

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The PDF of this Soupir Poncho Free Patterns you will find super interesting it is made in the cross section that allows various combinations of clothing and a detail, it has the dots a little more closed and I found it wonderfully useful on cold days.

A to remember it is good to wear on cold days, but not snowy days, or blizzards, but dressed properly as one over cold clothes will fall very well.

My recommendations to do it are also in two thread formats or thread types, one thinner for warm days, after all we want to walk with style, and another with thicker lines for cold days especially with waterproof lines (that don’t get wet easily) Soupir Poncho Free Patterns.

As I said before the poncho is a wonderful thing to wear, to have us keep clothes in or in the drawer of our wardrobe. Speaking of which you the origin of the Soupir Poncho Free Patterns?

Origin of the Poncho

Soupir Poncho Free Patterns
Soupir Poncho Free Patterns

The poncho (from Quechua: punchu), is a traditional dress from South America. The gaucho from the countryside uses it to protect from the cold and wind, over the usual clothing, being made on looms with sheep wool.

In the cities one can still see it in cold days as above all. It still serves as an improvised blanket. In Andean America it is made of llama, alpaca or vicuña wool. Commercially, they are sometimes made with synthetic fibers.

It consists basically of a fabric of approximately 3.5 x 2.5 meters with an opening in the center, to be passed over the head and supported on the shoulders. It must be hot, or have little water permeability, according to its intended use.

In Brazil, its use dates back to at least the colonial period, as sixteenth-century wills of São Paulo’s sertanistas already document the existence of the poncho, brought from Castilian possessions probably during the period of the Iberian Union.

It was worn by several groups, such as bandeirantes, tropeiros and gauchos. Its use was quite common in the southern provinces of Brazil until the end of the 19th century, including São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and parts of Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso or Goiás, all these regions traditionally supplying mules drivers (tropeiros).

It is not legal to know the origin of a certain outfit that we like to wear and look how interesting this was an outfit used much as it is today in southern Brazil that the coldest part of the country.

Soupir Poncho Free Patterns
Soupir Poncho Free Patterns

And lastly I want to make it clear to you that you love to crochet with me that when we know where an outfit comes from it is more like us adapting it to our personal taste no matter what our country is.


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