Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw is a wonderful pattern actually a pattern that combined the log cabin throw in colors that make the work even more beautiful and with an appearance of complexity and charm at the same time. Well then let’s talk a little more about the pattern, although there is not much to talk about this beautiful work, after all the image below already says it for itself.

Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw


Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw –

Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw

Autumn Log Cabin Throw see the colors of the season combine with contemporary style to complete this crochet throw that’s perfect to celebrate autumn. Easily stitch in Red Heart Super Saver using the rich tones featured. This log cabin throw is a lovely accent in the family room and looks right at home at the cottage. Swap out shades to create a whole new blanket when the season changes again!

Another detail about this Granny Square Crochet Blanket is that we may be making and having the most diverse ideas so that it can then be used in various ways including special that interesting for me to do now with this pattern and I will tell you what I had the idea if you like.

If you think of more uses for this type of Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw and its stitches you will have more ideas than you can count, so the big tip is to use the stitch and pattern to make something really different for your home, or for yourself, or to sell!

Combinations of brown with light brown, cream tones of why not a blue? This is how we really see this pattern and you can do it with any colors you want, of course I always have my preferences, but these are beautiful!

Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw
Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw – by

Particularly I will do mine as follows, I will put in place of the brown the color black, in place of the light brown I will put red in the very light blue part I would put a sky blue and finally where the cream is I really think of yellow. So Crochet Autumn Log Cabin Throw is cool any colors.

I really don’t know which colors you would choose, but in fact there are countless combinations to make this crochet, and there is the detail of using colors like gold and silver (they are very expensive threads) but the colors are beautiful.

Before you learn how to combine colors, it is very important to understand the color circle, a tool that will help you when assembling the looks! It is composed of 12 different colors. Among them are three primary colors (red, yellow and blue), three secondary colors (made with the mixture of primary colors) and six tertiary colors (made with the mixture of primary and secondary colors).

The sample is an important aid in the making of a crochet job that needs to have a defined size, such as garments, upholstery covers, etc. The sample allows to know the number of stitches (width) and careers (height) per centimetre (or other measure) in a Crochet Graphic Motif Throw Pattern. This pattern is from

I love to use the lines because they have the most varied diversification’s, not to mention the quality of our products after they are ready. Don’t worry, I really use, like and recommend them (I am not earning anything for doing this advertising).


Download pattern 01 – Now that you know about this wonderful pattern, have you decided what colors you will make? I really hope you enjoyed it.


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