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Crochet flower bouquet is a very different kind of free pattern, maybe you should even make a crochet flower bouquet, but did you make one similar to the one we will post here in this article? Actually, a flower bouquet has several meanings and it’s up to whoever decides how and when to use it.

Crochet flower bouquet

Crochet flower bouquet - wonders for 2020
Crochet flower bouquet 
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For now this Crochet flower bouquet is very good for you to use on occasions of the most diverse, such as weddings, 15 years old parties, golden weddings, silver weddings, debutante dances, and can still use in the assembly of a crown for funeral occasions and so on.

Crochet flower bouquet can also be made in decoration arrangements for your home, for example, you in your home must have several works made of crochet especially to use in your bed, kitchen and living room.

Crochet flower is also an excellent opportunity for you to create new ideas for your home or your store, if you make crochet to sell and thus help in family income.

Some women in Mexico, Brazil and Europe use a lot of crochet flowers for special dates like Easter, Cream, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and decoration for dinners in your home.

Now that you know a little more about how you can use this wonderful crochet arrangement, the Crochet flower bouquet is time to learn how to make. Below we will describe some important specifications of how to start making your bouquet. Soon after there will be as always the FULL AND FREE PDF to do a wonderful job.

Tips for Crochet flower bouquet

The main and I think the only tip we can give you at this time is precisely about the colors. The colors of our project are really beautiful, but you can make the colors of the most beautiful that exist, you can still make gold, silver, put some sequins and pearls to make your bouquet even more beautiful than this image. BUT THAT’S FOR YOU TO DECIDE HOW TO DO. That pattern is by mypicot.com

A bouquet consist of 3 roses, 3 middle flower, 9 little flowers, 3 big leaves, 4
branches with flowers and 7 branches of little leaves.
We uses seven different colored yarns: red, yellow light, yellow dark, white, brown,
green light and green dark.

For rose work with red yarn chain foundation of 50 ch (47 + 3 turning ch), then work
follow diagram A. After that work the middle part of rose follow diagram B. Cockling both
parts and forming a rose, than sew it together.

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  1. How to display the bouquet as in how to stiffen it to be able to put in a vase?Or what other ways to display it?

    • One way to stiffen or make it harder for a vase is to use the varnish technique. You buy varnish and spray on your bouquet. At the time of making a burrifuge, just leave the bouquet exactly as you want, then apply the varnish spray.

      There is also a transparent glue, a type of product that I can’t remember the name,
      own crochet to make our pieces more rigid, firmer or harder in the model we need.


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