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Liquorice Blouse is a blouse that although it may seem difficult to make it is actually quite simple to make if you follow the PDF and instructions correctly. Another interesting and remarkable detail about this blouse, is that it looks very beautiful with only shades of black with white, this left the blouse beautiful and wearable for any occasion.

Liquorice Blouse

Liquorice Blouse free pattern in PDF
Liquorice Blouse free pattern in PDF
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Another fact that called attention in these models is the ease of wearing the blouse, because you can wear it both on cold days, and on days that are not so hot, the fact that the collar is opened and leaves the shoulders more relaxing, which allows its use even over another thinner blouse.

Now if you don’t like the colors used by our author of this wonderful pattern, you can use the colors of your preference, so basically only the colors will change. But then a question arises that I’m an evangelical and I don’t like to wear this kind of blouse with this collar open, what can I do?

In this case the most suitable is for you to follow the pattern and try to close the blouse collar, thus closing what you want, but as stated above, you can wear a blouse underneath the skin tone, black or white that will match perfectly with your decision or need to wear, after all who decides the use in the end is you who will do.

Liquorice Blouse also allows you to make a kind of knots at the end, which if you wear a jeans or skirt is a perfect match, so when making your blouse we ask you to be aware of what clothes will be worn, so that your outfits do not look ugly.

Now that you know the blouse you need to know who made it! That’s right, this wonderful Liquorice Blouse was designed by Katerine Crochet, In the PDF you will find more details about the author and this will help you learn more about Katerine’s tastes and how I become a big fan of her wonderful work.

When you download it we ask you to comment, share on your social networks, leave your like and whenever you can go to our website to see more news like this wonderful crochet blouse Liquorice Blouse. Welcome to our wonderful website. SEE ALSO: Grandmother’s Footsteps Crochet Along

The Liquorice Blouse is a very beginner friendly design that is both fashionable and comfortable. Perfect for spring and summertime. The pattern is available in 4 sizes, from small to XL.
What skills are you going to need and what will you get:

Liquorice Blouse 1 pdf free
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