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NewBorn Baby Converse is a gift, in fact it is more than a gift, it is the heart of a mother, of an aunt’s grandmother who really shows the love she feels for the arrival of her son or daughter, her granddaughter or grandson, her nephew or niece.

NewBorn Baby Converse

NewBorn Baby Converse - 2 times beautiful!
NewBorn Baby Converse – 2 times beautiful!
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Not only maternal love, but also the anxiety and the drawing of seeing the baby in her arms as soon as possible. And since the invention of a needle loom and a wool ball, the first thing a mother who likes crochet, embroidery and knitting is to make her baby’s stocking or tennis shoes.

Of all the articles I’ve read, I’ve written, of all my works what I really think, that I really love are the crochet pieces for babies whether male or child. It reminds me carefully of my first crochet piece taught by my grandmother, who was my children’s sock… There’s a lot of emotion in it for those who like crochet.

Well, in the case of our article the main point is NewBorn Baby Converse which is really worthy of our attention because it is such a cute and delicate piece that I am sure it has already done. SEE ALSO: Best Sunset Orchid Shawl design

After all, a NewBorn Baby Converse has a special place in a woman’s life, so you need to do this piece with love, if you’re a mother, if you’re a person who earns a living from crocheting, do this same piece with love, dedication and affection.


This wonderful pattern was made by Suzanne Resaul and is also on ravelry.com. After you download it leave your comment below, share it on social networks, with your friends and enjoy a free PDF to make at home, either to sell the children’s crocheted shoes or to your son.

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  1. Where is the pattern for the shoe part? When I click download pdf it only gives instructions for the star. Help please


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