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Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest is a wonderful piece of clothing that you can wear at various times of everyday life. Whether it’s at a party at night, or at dinner, or going to school or college, or at work the crochet vest can be worn on several occasions.

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful model 2020
Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful model 2020
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But to wear a crochet vest you need to be careful and really know if the place you intend to go this garment will match. For example, when going to a beach you can wear this vest, if you want to go to school and change the look of everyday this crochet piece can also be used.

In fact, no matter where you want to go, the most important thing is to combine your crochet piece with the occasion to be used, or the place to go. You can also, for example, tailor the crochet piece to suit the situation you need.

Colours are the most important part of the crochet. Sometimes we like a piece of clothing so much that we don’t buy it just because it doesn’t have the colour we like! Want to see an example? A Gothic person wouldn’t wear a white suit!

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest is no different! You need to use the color that more of this in you or your taste. No matter how much I want a piece of clothing the color X if I like the color Y!

So our tip is: make this wonderful Wildflower Crochet Vest according to your need, your taste, your emotion and your feeling. When making this piece you can make it in one, two or even colored, your taste is fundamental in making your wonderful crochet piece.

Now below we will make available for you the COMPLETE and free PDF directly from the yarnspirations website and this wonderful work (I particularly started making mine also black) was created by our dear April Gopwani from Off the Hook Crochet Nook. SEE ALSO Prety Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket 2020 ♥

Have fun, create, reinvent, make colors, make your heart and your hands smile as you make this wonderful piece of clothing.

The PDF is very complete in the instructions just follow exactly what April described and you will have no problem making your beautiful Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest.

Lie Right and Left Body side by side. With a tapestry needle and yarn held single, sew a center Back seam, leaving 40″ [101.5 cm] open. Fold Body in Half with Neck opening at top. Place markers on side edges 11″ [28 cm] from bottom edge. Sew side seams between bottom edge and markers.[wpdm_package id=’3359′]

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