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Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns by Katherine Eng is the blanket that was missing from our Crochet marvels collection with refinement and class and luxury. This blanket is one of those that to buy made you need to be refined and have good taste. But as we are Crochet Cards we have all the tastes and refinement needed for this beautiful Afghan Rail Fence.

Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns

Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns
Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns

Rail Fence Afghan is a type of crochet that seeks in our eyes the mixture of dark colors marrying with medium shades. The assembly is fantastic being that it had a perfect marriage of blue with brown, blue green with pink and in the separation a light brown tone, what I like to call cream tone.

Making a quilt like this is an adventure for our hands and eyes because imagining how the blanket bone will be made and making the layout in our hands is something that is priceless. Being a crochet artist and working with Crochet is something that only feels who works and does.

Crochet is a kind of craft work that for many years was very used as a special high quality loom in ancient Egypt where having a piece of clothing in Crochet was only for the most successful and in positions of high society.

Rail Fence Afghan was the kind of cover that only the major of the ancient Pharaoh could have, thus showing the status and its wealth, the difference was that where you see in the image here a tone of light brown, they made them with gold threads.

Nowadays there are still people who have a blanket exactly like Rail Fence Afghan with some parts made with gold thread. Exaggeration? Yes, very much, but as my grandmother used to say, “who can have it, who can’t roll over.”

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About Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns

Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns
Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns

Since this handsome throw is made of individual blocks, it’s the perfect project to work on while waiting for the kids at soccer practice or for your appointment at the doctor’s office.

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  • Finished Size
    • 44 inches x 61 inches / 111.8 cm x 154.9 cm
  • Materials
    • Worsted yarn: 9 1/2 oz/269.3g gold, 7 oz/198.5g each navy, purple, teal and brown
      Tapestry needle
    • G/4mm hook or hook size needed to obtain gauge
  • Gauge
    • 4 sc = 1″/2.5 cm; 4 sc rows = 1″/2.5 cm.
    • Each Block is 8 1/2″/21.6 cm square.
  • Basic Stitches
    • Ch, sl st, sc.

      Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns
      Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns
  • Special Stitches
    • For extended sc (esc), insert hook in next st or ch, yo, draw lp through, yo, draw through one lp on hook, yo, draw through both lps on hook.
    • For front post (fp, see Stitch Guide), yo, insert hook from front to back around post of specified st, yo, draw lp through, complete as dc.

We hope you enjoyed this article and enjoyed some curiosities about what it involves. Comment here below and tell us what you found Rail Fence Afghan Free Patterns. Share with your friends and let’s go for success!

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