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Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket is a beautiful and wonderful blanket that has two excellent reasons for you to make for your baby from 0 to 5 years old or mores. Do you know what those two reasons are? Well let’s explain now why you should do it and also, if you earn your money with the art of crochet we will show you why this blanket is also king of sales in Brazil and several parts of the United States!

The first reason you want to make this wonderful Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket is exactly what the name itself says, dream blanket. But unlike many people think or believe, this blanket of dreams is for two things: to relax your baby and have fun with your baby. But how?

Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket
Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket
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Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket

The Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket is a kind of crochet cover that because it is colorful and has its colors in exactly the order you are seeing the image above, it is practical in making the child happy, relaxed and the main thing: relaxing your baby.

These colors help your child to be entertained by their beautiful color, and these colors are really relaxing and fun for us, imagine for a baby.

But there is one detail, for this to happen you must do it in the colors that are indicated in the images of this article, so that really the blanket of dreams can then have its expected effect.

Can I change the colors? Of course you can, but you won’t have the same relaxing and fun effect for your baby. But does it really work? Well we’ve been left in doubt and really, and tried to find some mothers who did that same job.

According to 5 mothers that we interviewed in Brazil, the babies when lying in this blanket he starts to sleep in a very short time, and others stay for hours playing with the blanket of dreams.

According to 8 mothers we interviewed in Los Angeles, they said that their babies just sleep, and a lot with this blanket and when they are half bored they are very calm when they are with this wonderful crochet Red Heart Field Of Dreams Blanket.

And you? Can you believe it? Well we here at mycrochet.org don’t have any small children anymore, but my 17 year old son was incredibly in love with this blanket and the result couldn’t be different… now my husband and I are making the same blanket for him. SEE ALSO: Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest 


You can make and test it, after all this crochet piece is wonderfully beautiful is not difficult to make, I believe that an intermediate person can do it quietly.

Download your PDF NO BUTTON UP and remember that this blanket was not our idea, so little is our inspiration, but all the creation and design was from our dear Debbie. So we ask you to comment here on this article, leave your LIKE, share this article with your friends, and let’s do it together.

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