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Rose Lattice Designed by Bonnie Bloom Pierce is a very beautiful find that we have today to present for you who love to crochet stitches and differentiated patterns that make them very often wonderful and very well elaborated pieces, as is the case with this amazing pattern that we are talking about now.

Rose Lattice crochet pattern

Rose Lattice
Rose Lattice
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Rose Lattice is a pattern that mixes only 3 colors of crochet thread, which are actually 3 completely different shades that make this pattern very different, as the designer Bonnie Bloom has taken great care to make the perfect marriage of colors.

The part of the pattern that is larger so to speak, the light green was inspiring as it left the open part where the splicing of the leaves comes in, which is what holds the pink flower, isn’t the work magnificent?

I thought of doing the pattern differently, actually I’m going to do…. right, I’m doing the pattern with different colors, respecting the pattern, only the colors I’m changing, so in the end it will look like this:

The part where the green is will become red, which in this case is the block where the flower is. The part with the blue will be black and the part of the flower that is pink, I will keep pink. I don’t know if it will look good but I will test at least one complete block.

Sometimes we try to do our projects and think of some ideas and sometimes the frustration is great. This project that I am presenting here to you, I am already sure that it will frustrate me and the reason is very simple, I will want to do it more than once.

Rose Lattice
Rose Lattice
  • Approximately 45 x 60 inches
    • – Medium (worsted)
    • weight yarn:
    • 28 oz/1,400 yds/793g
    • light sage (A)
    • 101/2 oz/525 yds/297g bright
    • pink (B)
    • 7 oz/350 yds198g medium
    • teal (C)
    • – Size I/9/5.5mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    • – Tapestry needle
    • – Stitch marker
    • Motif = 8 x 8 inches


Weave in loose ends as work progresses. Join with slip stitch as indicated unless otherwise stated. Chain-3 at beginning of round counts as first double crochet unless otherwise stated.


Roll stitch (roll st): Yo 15 times loosely, insert hook in st indicated, draw up lp, yo and draw through all 17 lps.

Cluster (cl): Keeping last lp of each dc on hook, 3 dc in sp indicated, yo and draw through all 4 lps on hook.

Treble cluster (tr cl): Keeping last lp of each tr on hook, 3 tr in st indicated, yo and draw through all 4 lps on hook.


Download pattern or Download directly here if for some reason you can’t download from the first link. We hope you enjoyed this pattern and that you can then be happy and make it to your liking.

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