This Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern is a very beautiful pattern as you can see in the image below in a color that also matches a lot with any kind of woman be she brunette, blonde, redhead or any other style. The simplicity of this Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern is really what calls the most attention in this type of pattern, which by the way is an accessory for the woman’s day and I really love wearing this piece of clothing.

Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern

Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern


Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern

Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern can be defined in various colors various types of patterns, but what stands out especially in this pattern that we are bringing to you for free in PDF is the luxury that he lets whoever dresses him.

You can see in the image that it is not a piece any day shawl, particularly speaking the brightness with which the line that was made this pattern let it stand out even more your model, also let the points used here stand out in the Total model of this shawl. Click here and Join our Facebook Community

Now that we are approaching Christmas time if you are reading this article now in September 2020, you can use this shawl in red or green, you can also make it in white so that it matches your Christmas if you want to use it at this party with your family.

Another great advantage of this shawl is that you can notice that even in some temperatures it is warmer it leaves a formidable opening to be used, that’s because as you can notice in the photo it has some spaces between its dots leaving it to be used for cold and for heat.

I don’t know if you are like me but when I try to make a piece of clothing especially a crochet shawl (Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern) I like it to fit my body model, I like the colors of the shawl to enhance also along with my skin tone and light with my hair.

Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern
Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern

It’s true that we don’t always get everything we want, but in this shawl one thing that caught my attention a lot is that its luxury and its line strokes on the crochet let it be a unique piece repair the picture more closely and you will understand what I’m writing here now.

It’s true I’m in love with this shawl, I really want to do it to tell the truth I already have the next project to do it even because in the month of November I have a very special meeting to go with my family, and in this meeting I want to use it. Crochet Cabin in the Woods Vintage Afghan

In case I want to make a Violet color that is combined with dress apparently a pink not too dark or too light, my dress will be long, funnel style and interesting as I will not be wearing a very low-cut collar and my dress has cuffs this shawl will be perfect.

And you what is your idea to make this shawl in color and for what occasion you think it would work for you? Oh if you work with selling products you make with crochet the tip I leave to you pass several colors of it make the green for Christmas, the blue, the red, you can even make with some color mixtures will look very beautiful.

I won’t tell you what price you will be able to sell because you will have to see the time that will be spent and the amount of lines that clear it the size that you will be doing, but I say with all certainty it is a beautiful but it is a wonderful Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern.


Download Pattern Shawl If you like this boss leave your comment here below and if you have other ideas also comment so we can bring it to you. your PDF Crochet Peacock Shawl Pattern now let’s do.


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