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Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest is a wonderful piece of clothing that you can wear at various times of everyday life. Whether it’s at a party at night, or at dinner, or going to school or college, or at work the crochet vest can be worn on several occasions.

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful model 2020
Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest wonderful model 2020

But to wear a crochet vest you need to be careful and really know if the place you intend to go this garment will match. For example, when going to a beach you can wear this vest, if you want to go to school and change the look of everyday this crochet piece can also be used.

In fact, no matter where you want to go, the most important thing is to combine your crochet piece with the occasion to be used, or the place to go. You can also, for example, tailor the crochet piece to suit the situation you need.

Colours are the most important part of the crochet. Sometimes we like a piece of clothing so much that we don’t buy it just because it doesn’t have the colour we like! Want to see an example? A Gothic person wouldn’t wear a white suit!

Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest is no different! You need to use the color that more of this in you or your taste. No matter how much I want a piece of clothing the color X if I like the color Y!

So our tip is: make this wonderful Wildflower Crochet Vest according to your need, your taste, your emotion and your feeling. When making this piece you can make it in one, two or even colored, your taste is fundamental in making your wonderful crochet piece.

Now below we will make available for you the COMPLETE and free PDF directly from the yarnspirations website and this wonderful work (I particularly started making mine also black) was created by our dear April Gopwani from Off the Hook Crochet Nook. SEE ALSO Prety Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket 2020 ♥

Have fun, create, reinvent, make colors, make your heart and your hands smile as you make this wonderful piece of clothing.

The PDF is very complete in the instructions just follow exactly what April described and you will have no problem making your beautiful Patons Wildflower Crochet Vest.

Lie Right and Left Body side by side. With a tapestry needle and yarn held single, sew a center Back seam, leaving 40″ [101.5 cm] open. Fold Body in Half with Neck opening at top. Place markers on side edges 11″ [28 cm] from bottom edge. Sew side seams between bottom edge and markers.[wpdm_package id=’3359′]

Best Sunset Orchid Shawl Crochet

Sunset Orchid Shawl 2020 is a wonderful piece of work by Ellinor Widéen Frostvirka where she perfectly chose the colors that could marry in this beautiful crochet piece, which by the way made a fantastic gradient.

Best Sunset Orchid

Even if you are experienced, making a crochet piece like this, in the colors as it was made, becomes a very enjoyable challenge to do. So you should understand that following the steps will make your crochet piece even easier to do. See what our Ellinor said in her blog:

Sunset Orchid Shawl 2020 design by Ellinor Widéen Frostvirka
Sunset Orchid Shawl 2020 design by Ellinor Widéen Frostvirka

Sometimes you get an idea for a new design, but not all ideas are as you imagined and so you pull up all the yarn and start something new instead.SEE ALSO: Crochet Jacket Free Pattern to do in 2020

But this time, my shawl idea actually became just as I had imagined and it is a wonderful feeling. The pattern is varied so that something happens on every lap and I like that.

It makes the crocheting itself more fun 🙂 To give the design a name I always find difficult, but this one was eventually named Sunset Orchids.

The shawl in the picture is made of barely a new Scheepjes Whirl color 767 from Favoritgarner. A lovely blend of light pastels. The size of the shawl in that yarn will be about 143 cm at the top and 76 cm above the “spine”. I used crochet hook 3.5 for my shawl.

Katia Bombay from Favorit yarns also fits nicely in making the shawl. I made my first sample of the design in that yarn and then I used color in 2011.
Det är den sjalen ni ser på bilden nedanför. Det går åt ca 4 nystan av det garnet.

It is very rare that a crochet design I have in my head comes out exactly the way I have planned. It usually takes a lot of frogging, frustration and rethinking before it actually becomes something at all. SEE frostvirka.comSOURCE OF THIS ARTICLE

This time though, it actually came out almost exactly the way I had planned it in my head. I named it Sunset Orchids and I hope you will like it as much as I do.

The original is made in Scheepjes Whirl colour 767, but in the pdf-pattern you can also find alternative yarn. The size is approximately 143 cm wide and 74 cm from the neck and down. Get you donwload now and do!

You can access Elline’s blog now and see more wonderful models made by her, so we ask you to share this article, leave your comment, have fun doing your crochet yet, do your best doing your job.[wpdm_package id=’3397′]

Prety Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket

An important piece for Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket cannot be ignored and this for several reasons among them to make the perfect place for your baby. A bedspread to put on the floor and leave your baby sitting away from cold ground contact is essential.

Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket

Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket
Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket

If you want to go to the square or the park and want to let your baby also hold this blanket or bedspread is the best thing to use. There are many models, but this one we will show you from Bernat is formidable and you can make it with the colors you want.

One of our readers who asked for this article mentioned that making a blanket or even a quilt for her or her granddaughter is being a challenge. According to her, it’s always the wrong size or it gets too short or it gets too long. But there is an easy way for you to never miss the size you want.

In fact, there are two ways: the first is very simple when you start to make your blanket or quilt just have in hand a model of the size you want, from there you will have no mistakes in terms of size and width.

The easy way is also the way you will start making your bedspread or blanket. The Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket for example, has a size already set here in the PDF that you will download. However you can and should use the exact measurements you want to make your blanket.

Remembering what you want to use your Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket for is the most important part, because when you have a goal in mind and what you are going to use it is more practical and easy to use our crochet lines for. So never give up on your goal, you want to make a beautiful piece of crochet don’t waste time, do it exactly the way you want.

Didn’t it look like the PDF you downloaded? Don’t worry, it’s only natural that we do something and it doesn’t work right away, so let’s fight it and start making your project right now. Enjoy, when downloading your complete PDF of Baby Dimond Filet Crochet Blanket comment here below, leave your like, share with your friends on social networks. [wpdm_package id=’3351′]

Crochet Jacket Free Pattern

Crochet Jacket Free Pattern is a beautiful pattern that you can do in some steps even being of intermediate level, but of course this project is advisable for people who have an experienced level due to some steps to be followed a little more difficult.

Crochet Jacket Free Pattern

I as a woman love clothes that dress me up and make me even more beautiful, even if I need to spend a few hours, days and even weeks making a piece of clothing like this wonderful crochet jacket. And you want a jacket like this in your wardrobe?

Crochet Jacket Free Pattern to do in 2020
Crochet Jacket Free Pattern to do in 2020

As you can see in the photo above this jacket has a wonderful color a blue that I like to call baby blue. I love these lighter colors for clothes because they can always be worn on any occasion, unlike very dark and bright clothes that are recommended to wear at night.

We have put together a wonderful collection of handpicked Lace Style Crochet Jackets in our post and you will find some exciting new stitches and designs to try. There is something for everyone!

They are beautifully light-weight and extremely flattering for all body shapes. You can also wear them in all seasons. Load them up with woolies or add them as a casual throw on in warmer months.

The first version that we are sharing with you is from Red Heart. It’s hard to believe that it’s a free pattern but it is and what a stunner. We love the ribbed neck and the open lace detail that is featured in the arms and the back. This will earn you plenty of compliments, guaranteed.

The colours of Crochet Jacket can be changed according to your taste, and the best thing is that we can apply one or more colours, but to change the colours you should certainly be experienced, in case you don’t make one colour but use two or more colours. Well then let’s go straight to our list of materials and download the free PDF?

Free Experinced Crochet Women’s Pattern

This jaw-dropping crochet cardi combines smart cardigan styling with the comfort of an easy-fit shrug. Stitch using our heavenly Red Heart Dreamy to create floral motifs with a soft, brushed texture. Lavender color makes it real, but explore the collection for a tone you may enjoy more. Tip: Try using 2 colors – one for the body and one for the ribbing.

Material Notes

Everything you need to make your new project is included in this kit! Time to get stitching, and don’t forget to share your progress!

Sizing Notes

Making the right size is important! Take a look at the dimensions of your new projects and choose the one that’s right for you, and always make a gauge swatch to match your tension.

Cocoon measures 46½” (118 cm) in width including cuffs, and 20½” (52 cm) in length not including collar. SEE ALSO: Crochet flower bouquet

Pattern Care

Treat your finished project right! Make sure you read the care directions closely so your hard work ages gracefully.

  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do Not Iron
  • Machine Wash in Warm Water, Delicate Setting
  • Tumble Dry, Low Heat
  • This pattern you can see it complete in yarnspirations.com

Share this article on your social networks, leave comments below and soon more news coming to you! Get your Crochet Jacket Free Pattern to do now![wpdm_package id=’3391′]

Red Heart Octagons & Squares Throw

Red Heart Octagons & Squares Throw is a wonderful work with the colors well connected and also with beautiful crochet dots to make a complete quilt, or actually a decoration piece for your home that can make and leave your environment more cozy, beautiful and clear with shades of refinement and comfort.

Red Heart Octagons & Squares Throw

Red Heart Octagons & Squares Throw
Red Heart Octagons & Squares Throw

Have you ever tried something like this? I’m honestly thinking of doing it, but I’ve got so many projects to do that I’m trying to pause and make this one especially to make a bedspread. I keep wondering if I could do it in 1 week, because I really have several reasons to make this crochet piece. And are you going to do it?

It is a wonderful piece for your home that can be changed some colors or made as you prefer, with sizes, with colors, and use where you want to use more.

Take the opportunity to share this article with your friends, on social networks, take the opportunity to comment here what you thought of this article and of course so that we can grow even more!

What you will need:

RED HEART® With Love™: 1 skein 1538 Lilac A; 2 skeins each 1308 Tan B, 1601 Lettuce C, 1701 Hot Pink D.

Susan Bates® Crochet Hook:

6mm [US J-10].
Yarn needle.
GAUGE: 11 dc = 4”; Motif #2 = 5
½” square. CHECK YOUR GAUGE.

An interesting combination of octagon and square motifs come together for this yecatching throw. Crochet it in beautiful bright shades as shown, or choose whatever colors that make you happy and enjoy it every evening as you relax.


Beginning bobble: Ch 3 (counts as dc), work 2 dc in indicated st leaving the last loop of
each st on the hook; yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook.
Bobble: Work 3 dc in indicated st leaving the last loop of each st on the hook; yo and draw
through all 4 loops on hook. You can see more here in yarnspirations.com SEE ALSO: Crochet flower bouquet

Now you can download that file in PDF complete to do in your home, use for decorations, quilt crochet, use how pattern to what you need. PLEASE comment, share, like you is helping us. [wpdm_package id=’3388′]

Beautiful Crochet Blouse

Beautiful Crochet Blouse With Graphic Hello, girls, that’s fine … I was thinking of a beautiful crochet blouse to make it cheerful and colorful for my crocheted friends and I remembered a message I received from a friend who showed me this beautiful, lovely blouse that I was in love with and I need to show her to You dear ones.

Beautiful Crochet Blouse

This crochet blouse is a classic for women because it is acceptable for all sizes and it fits in all styles of women and I’m sure you will be very happy to make this beautiful blouse because it is adjustable for all sizes.

Beautiful Crochet Blouse 1

This crochet blouse has a circle on the side that looks very elegant and gives a charm to the piece. You can wear this blouse with a top, or a more open blouse underneath the blouse because the stitches of the circle crochet blouse are open stitches and therefore can have transparency.

If you want to dare and stay sexy then you can bet on a shorter top. The sleeves are more open at the cuffs, and are not long, giving a more uncluttered air to the crochet piece, as this blouse is a more cheerful and sophisticated blouse to wear with jeans on warmer days, so it does not have to be too Long.

This circle of crochet gives a charm and elegance to the piece. You’ll look beautiful in this crochet blouse and you’ll be able to take advantage of the graphic below, just as you can see the video with the tutorial and you can pause several times until you finish all the work.

The pattern shop offers several color options for you to be inspired and who knows how to make several sweaters like this

We are always with news from this world of crochet for you to learn and fall in love with these beautiful blouses, dresses and crochet rugs always for you to stay ahead of your time.

From now on you will have some models to make several blouses, but it won’t be all the blouses and their patterns only here in this article, but in several others that we will be bringing to you to create, reinvent, remodel as your need if I like and of course the special moment you want. Download the desired model, share it in your social networks, leave your comment and of course short if you liked this article.

File saved from Viruses and Spam. Your Crochet pattern will be sent to your email.
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Crochet flower bouquet pattern

Crochet flower bouquet is a very different kind of free pattern, maybe you should even make a crochet flower bouquet, but did you make one similar to the one we will post here in this article? Actually, a flower bouquet has several meanings and it’s up to whoever decides how and when to use it.

Crochet flower bouquet

Crochet flower bouquet - wonders for 2020
Crochet flower bouquet 

For now this Crochet flower bouquet is very good for you to use on occasions of the most diverse, such as weddings, 15 years old parties, golden weddings, silver weddings, debutante dances, and can still use in the assembly of a crown for funeral occasions and so on.

Crochet flower bouquet can also be made in decoration arrangements for your home, for example, you in your home must have several works made of crochet especially to use in your bed, kitchen and living room.

Crochet flower is also an excellent opportunity for you to create new ideas for your home or your store, if you make crochet to sell and thus help in family income.

Some women in Mexico, Brazil and Europe use a lot of crochet flowers for special dates like Easter, Cream, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and decoration for dinners in your home.

Now that you know a little more about how you can use this wonderful crochet arrangement, the Crochet flower bouquet is time to learn how to make. Below we will describe some important specifications of how to start making your bouquet. Soon after there will be as always the FULL AND FREE PDF to do a wonderful job.

Tips for Crochet flower bouquet

The main and I think the only tip we can give you at this time is precisely about the colors. The colors of our project are really beautiful, but you can make the colors of the most beautiful that exist, you can still make gold, silver, put some sequins and pearls to make your bouquet even more beautiful than this image. BUT THAT’S FOR YOU TO DECIDE HOW TO DO. That pattern is by mypicot.com

A bouquet consist of 3 roses, 3 middle flower, 9 little flowers, 3 big leaves, 4
branches with flowers and 7 branches of little leaves.
We uses seven different colored yarns: red, yellow light, yellow dark, white, brown,
green light and green dark.

For rose work with red yarn chain foundation of 50 ch (47 + 3 turning ch), then work
follow diagram A. After that work the middle part of rose follow diagram B. Cockling both
parts and forming a rose, than sew it together.

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Crochet Desert Star Throw Pattern free

Crochet Desert Star Throw The classic Lone Star quilt pattern has inspired this
stunning crocheted throw. There may be a lot of diamonds and triangles to crochet, but they are joined-as-you-go and the results are spectacular now you can know the wonderful designer by Marilyn Coleman & Mary Jane Protus Revised by Bobbi Anderson.

Crochet Desert Star Throw

Desert Star Throw Crochet is endless in terms of stitches and patterns! I’ve rounded up my favorite stitches to be used in afghans, throws, and blankets. Crochet blankets are cozy and warm, and comforting.

Crochet Desert Star Throw
Crochet Desert Star Throw designer by Marilyn Coleman & Mary Jane Protus Revised by Bobbi Anderson

Everything you need to survive this winter. They’re also really fun projects to work on because you can just sit back and stitch away. Easy crochet blanket patterns make great secret santa gifts because they’re practical and thoughtful.

Another favorite and the easiest of all these cool crochet stitches for blankets is the single crochet stitch! If you are looking for a quick stitch then the single crochet is the fastest crochet stitch for blanket designs no question

The stars are similar but vary in the stitches you start with and by using different yarn and hook sizes you can make a variety of crochet stars. You can even start the circle with half double crochet round and make a third size. … I’ve made the stars with cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, and even fuzzy yarn.

As counter intuitive as it may sound, crochet blankets are warm because of the holes in it. Air being one of the best insulators. When moving air passes you, it carries heat away from your body, making you cold

But now free easy crochet patterns enough about this or that, let’s get to the point. Now that you know who are the desginers responsible for this beautiful work full of life given the colors of the lines and the well done stitches, it is time to download the pdf for you to do it agree? prairie star crochet pattern

To download use the following link from www.yarnspirations.com where this pattern is found. It is very important that you download from yarnspirations so you can buy the threads or compare them with the ones you have. If for some reason, who knows what, you can’t access the link then you can use the button below for direct desert star crochet pattern download.[download_after_email id=”3286″ css=”off”]

Free 3D Illusion Blanket Crochet Pattern

Today Free 3D Illusion Blanket Crochet Pattern we are featuring some unique crochet patterns. Bold graphic patterns for afghans, blankets, and throws create dramatic beautiful designs from op art, pop art, optical illusion, and mathematical formulas.

Free 3D Illusion Blanket Crochet Pattern

Free 3D Illusion Blanket Crochet Pattern by Kat Li 1
Free 3D Illusion Blanket Crochet Pattern by Kat Li 1

The depth is often formed by shapes like diamonds, triangles or squares, but there are really no limitations! These Free 3D Illusion Blanket Crochet Patterns are magicians that enchant for your different physiognomy in 3D. They are easier to crochet than they look like they should be. Check out this video lesson to learn how to make them.

They are fun to crochet and will get you lots of compliments. If you haven’t tried before, you should definitely try. Thanks below designers for sharing these free crochet patterns. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.

The basic motif of this blanket is the Y-shaped tumbling block. Like any good tessellation, these tumbling blocks fit together without any gaps, and bonus! when they’re oriented correctly, they join to create an awesome 3D illusion of cubes stacked on each other.

I used 15 skeins of Lion’s Brand Heartland yarn (3700 yards) in 9 different colors. Choose as many or as few colors as you’d like, but for the full 3D effect you will need at least 3 colors. This pattern is by Kat Li.

The size of my finished blanket is approximately 56” x 88”. The size depends on the yarn and hook used and can be customized depending on your needs. Mine fits well on a full-sized bed.

Gauge doesn’t matter for this project. As long as your gauge is consistent throughout, you won’t have any issues joining your pieces. My advice is to make one or two test pieces and use those to figure out how large your project will be!

To download this pattern you can see here in ravelry.com. If for some reason you are unable to download this pattern from the link we left, then you can use the button below.

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Crochet Hexagon Blanket

Crochet Hexagons Blanket the pattern I began using was one from yarnspirations.com. It is a join as you go pattern so it looks a little different than what I used. You should definitely check it out though, it is gorgeous! I changed it quite a bit when it came down to what I wanted.

Crochet Hexagon Blanket

I changed the pattern to use a magic ring as well as a few other stitch differences. I also added an extra round for a bigger hexagon. I preferred to sew the hexagons together because I like that look a little better.

Crochet Hexagon Blanket
Crochet Hexagon Blanket

And the join as you go method requires some planning haha! I wasn’t totally committed to where I wanted all my colors and knew I didn’t want it to be totally random. That being said, I STRONGLY suggest having some sort of plan before you get going! I know I was over thinking it (pregnancy brain is real, people) but it would have helped if I thought it through a little more.

So I was really embarrassed to put here the picture of the pattern I made hahaha honestly I die of shame when I do something wrong or with colors that I regret… forgive me for speaking like this but the colors I chose (thinking in my hot head of pregnancy) that was beautiful but actually it looked like a (coconut) arghhh…..

So my idea of making a blanket for my baby was from yarnspirations which in the case is exactly that of the image above … believe me I hate to do something that I regret … the colors were worse than I thought if I had followed the colors of the pattern equal to the image I was happy …

Crochet Hexagon Blanket pattern Well then I strongly advise… before you make a crochet pattern and change the colors… think think think think and rethink haha OMG, I was dammm… but ok the important thing is that you can follow exactly here or have beautiful color ideas for your pattern.

To download this pattern Crochet Hexagon Blanket free just follow the pattern on this beautiful pdf. You won’t regret it, so please try to download from the link www.yarnspirations.com. If for some reason you can’t download then use the button below.[download_after_email id=”3255″ css=”off”]

Blue and White Crochet Afghan

Blue and White Crochet Afghan Use this free crochet afghan pattern from Bernat Yarns to create a lovely block afghan in coordinating blues and white. Twelve motifs are joined to create the complete afghan. This is an editorial team favorite of our large hook crocheted afghan patterns.  This is a great pattern for beginners and those looking for a fun afghan to make for themselves or a friend.  Mix and match colors to create an afghan that’s perfect for your home.

Blue and White Crochet Afghan

Blue and White Crochet Afghan
Blue and White Crochet Afghan

This crochet afghan make a fantastic crochet pattern for beginners because, while the design looks relatively intricate, the stitches used are relatively easy. Plus, this afghan pattern will afford any newbie a chance to shine while they hook up their first big and beautiful project.

Use this crochet afghan pattern to decorate your home. Twelve motifs are joined to create this pattern. The blue and white stand out next to each other.

  • Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook
  • Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Meaning of the color blue and white

Blue… light or dark? As with most colors, the hue influences the feeling it conveys. Light blue gives the feeling of hygiene and freshness, but also stimulates productivity and transmits success. Dark blue is corporate, showing power and confidence. A spirited color that provides people with calm and security.

As neutral as black, white is a pure color, which highlights luminosity, cleanliness, and tranquility. Care in its use ensures a correct interpretation of its intentions, combined with other colors it provides harmony. It suggests purity, transmits the idea of freshness and calm. White is responsible for logical thinking and communicative competence.

Download the Blue and White Crochet Afghan pattern

Now that you know the meaning of the colors, it is very interesting to start making your own, don’t you agree? This pattern is a tutorial that you can access here at favecrafts.com. If you can’t access the pattern then you can use the download button right below.[download_after_email id=”3246″ css=”off”]

Christmas Scarf free pattern

Christmas Scarf free pattern now in the middle of the year? You may think that because it is the middle of the year, but the truth is that from the middle of the year to the end of it will not be long, it will be very short. So we started to bring several models for your Christmas by the end of the year, so do not miss any models of our Christmas category.

Christmas Scarf free pattern

About this our Christmas Scarf free pattern that is not ours, but from wiamscrafts brings us a beautiful dress with the colors as they roote the Christmas within patterns that are also suitable for the date.

Christmas Scarf free pattern
Christmas Scarf free pattern

This Christmas Scarf you can also make it in other colors or unique color other than the colors of Christmas, and use it in your day to day or make it black and then put some sequins to shine and use the night at a party or other place preferably.


  • Yarn: Ayda Hilal: 100% Acrylic, 100 g / 3.35 oz., 235 m / 257 yds. Colors: HLL224 red, HLL240 green and HLL202 white.
  • SEE ALSO: Crocheted Starburst Baby Blanket
  • One skein of each color.
  • Alize baby best: 90% acrylic, 10% bamboo, 100 g / 3.35 oz., 240 m/ 262 yds.
  • Color black 60, 2 skeins.
  • Crochet Hook: US: 7/ 4.5 mm.

Tapestry needle

  • Yardage: 1000-1100 m/ 1095-1200 yards.
  • Level: intermediate
  • Measures: 180 cm/ 71″ long, 26 cm/ 10″ wide, approx.

Crochet Terms (US):

  • ch: chain.
  • ss: slip stitch.
  • sc: single crochet.
  • hdc: half double crochet.
  • dc: double crochet
  • tr: treble crochet.
  • dc2tog: double crochet two together.
  • dc3tog: double crochet three together.
  • picot: ch 3, ss to first ch.
Christmas Scarf free pattern
Christmas Scarf free pattern

Now that you have seen that Christmas Scarf free pattern can be made easily you can also have other ideas to do in other special occasions or in the day to day this depends on your taste. [download_after_email id=”3232″ css=”off”]

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free very easy to do. This model is an open crochet model, widely used in this season. A template that I found free for you to follow on our web site. So let’s get down to this really cool idea of ​​blouse. I found on the internet a white blouse I found!!! But on the chart I follow the step by step is very well done with a blouse in blue color, you can vary greatly in the visual. You can choose torn jeans that are wearing too much.

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free
Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free

In fact this creative crochet method of doing according to the chart is done in three parts first the chest and then the mengas and after done the three parts then yes it should be impend and then yes it is ready to blouse. CLICK NEXT

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern

An always worn leaky tank top with a tank top underneath, leaving it on the side you create a very fun and stylish style to wear on more social occasions.

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free
Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free

So for you who still do not have much practice in crocheting this is a great idea for crochet beginners who are learning and who want to make a very sophisticated crochet piece for yourself or maybe a daughter or granddaughter. CLICK NEXT

Crochet Pattern Top or Blouse pattern

Surely she will love receiving this beautiful crocheted blouse with diamond shapes as a gift. Learn with us this crochet pattern that is free and very easy to do.

Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free
Diamond Top Crochet Pattern Free

Follow us on our web site and follow us to delight you with our ideas that we are always receiving in our group. Because be sure if I have learned, surely you can also learn. CLICK NEXT

Crochet Pattern Top Download

To download just the pdf click the button below, right after that you must enter your email, the one you use the most to receive then the PDF that there is standard of this wonderful crochet blouse.[download_after_email id=”3227″ css=”off”]

Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug

Today Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug I want to share with you another beautiful idea. Look at this fantastic rug, have you ever seen something more beautiful? I think crocheted items like this are very rare, it is a fantastic one. It will be hard to begin this project because it will take too long as for intermediate crocheters. as for them, who have been crocheting a long time.

Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug

Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug
Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug

As you noted in the picture the rug pattern is quite simple to make, what is complicated is the time to make it. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a graphic that explains it well.

Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug, how do?

Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug
Imperial Crocheted Living Room Rug

To make this pattern you will need to follow the video tutorial that is right here below the link. For this pay close attention to the video that is well explained, but is in Portuguese. CLICK NEXT.

Imperial Crocheted Rug Tutorial

First click on this link to open the pattern, then open it on Youtube. Now at the bottom right of the video click on the ENGLISH click and subtitle and change to English. HERE TO TUTORIAL 


Afghan Patons Elegant Floral Crochet

Afghan Patons Elegant Floral Crochet Fantastic project for every crochet lovers. To make for you or your friends. This job makes happy every person who gets this or will have a chance to buy it. Spectacular and very effective. Looks awesome in any bedroom or living room. The most important is you can mix the colors in any variations. Fan of crochet? Be part of our Facebook Group!

Afghan Patons Elegant Floral Crochet

Afghan Elegant Floral Crochet It brings that pattern that in crochet you can create endless color combinations and to top it off you can create whatever your imagination desires.

Afghan Patons Elegant Floral Crochet 2
Patons Elegant Floral Afghan

Afghan Patons Elegant Floral ideas

Patons Elegant Floral Afghan
Patons Elegant Floral Afghan

The ideas that this pattern can bring you are the most varied what can be imagined with colors, sizes and in the very form you can create your crochet. An interesting detail in this pattern is that we can make a pillow or cushion to go with this wonderful Afghan Patons Elegant Floral. To download you can click in Next button.

Afghan Patons Elegant Floral download

Now you can download the pdf of this pattern from the button below, if you don’t receive your email, we will check it and if you really didn’t receive it, don’t worry. [download_after_email id=”3210″ css=”off”]


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